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Supplement Stacking ?


For gaining size and lean muscle mass only, what is the best stack from everything available at the T-Nation store? I have had some success with these supplement before, but the frequency in which new products are released can make it difficult to keep up with what's best.

I think Creatine and Carbolin 19 could be interesting but I'm not sure. Thanks.


If you look in the store, under every product is a "more info" button where you can look at each supplement's article, and the following discussion with questions and answers.

These have helped me a lot in learning about which supplement does what.

Also, always remember that supplements are only effective when your diet and training are in order first (I'm not suggesting you didn't already know that, I'm just saying it before everyone else).

The order of supplements I like are:

Protein powder (if you consider it a supplement)

Those are what I'd take just about year 'round.

Others I've tried, liked, and will probably go back to eventually are:
Carbolin 19


Right now I'm debating whether to go with Surge or Metabolic Drive Complete.

I'm trying to gain mass over the next month or so.

I was also looking at cytogainer, but I've wanted to try either Surge or Metabolic Drive. Really not sure what one to go with.


Surge for a workout/post workout drink. Then 1-2 hours later, eat a carb heavy meal (66% carbs/ 33% protein).

Metabolic Drive for the rest of the time.


That seems simple enough...now If I could only decide on the flavor.

I have a feeling it tastes disgusting either way, but might as well just get the original.


Yes... one of the most popular supplements on this site is "disgusting". There must be a reason they sell so much of it then. Maybe the flashy packaging. Oh no wait it's the free handjob with every order. Or was that just for me... damn I feel special.


Yeah it offered the free handjob for me too....I chose the free t-shirt though.