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Supplement Stacking Advice Please


From all the information that I have read I believe the stack that I am going to start taking as follows.

Alpha Male

I usually get up at 630am and will take my AM and HOT-ROXR immediately on an empty stomach then I will take them again approximately about 6 hours later. Methoxy-7 I will take 2 with breakfast and 2 with mid afternoon snack. Currently I workout in the afternoon about 4pm. I usually take 1 or 2 Spike before workout and Power Drive about 1 hour after my workout. My only concern is taking he Spike and HOT-ROX. I currently and doing the WS4SB by Joe Defranco so my weight lifting is 3 days a week. On those lifting days should I take HOT-ROX in the morning but skip the second dose so I can take Spike? Or should I not take HOT-ROX that day altogether? I love taking Spike there has never been a product that makes me so focused in the gym.


I don't remember exactly what he said but Chis Shugart said something about taking HOT-ROX and Spike together while he was on the V-Diet. Send him a personal message and maybe he can guide you in the right direction.


I would avoid using HOT-ROX that day. However, I do know people have taken a serving of HOT-ROX in the morning and then skipped the second dose as you said, and then used Spike without any problems.