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I have been lifting for about 1 year now and have had great results from my training. i am 145 lbs and my max on bench is 225 i have a great lean look to me i just want to gain more muscle and get ripped up. i need to know before i order if this would be ok to take all at the same time.

Maximum Strength HOT-ROX
TRIBEX Tribulus.

while taking my protine and keeping myself on a somewhat strict diet i have achieved alot, i was thinking that this would only help my cause of being stronger and looking the part as well.
any REAL answers would be a great help.


if you're 145, what exactly do you need HOT-ROX for?


Wow you are strong for working out for 1 year.


Look at his other posts.


I'll be nice and not ignite anything in particular...

HOT-ROX and Spike are not to be taken together. You do not need HOT-ROX with your weight, especially if you are starting a bulk. Try Carbolin 19 instead. Don't know about TRIBEX, as I've never taken it. It would be best to ask stacking questions in the specific supplement's thread.


At itsthetimman's advice I read your other posts.

Sorry if this is abrasive, but:

You are the epitomy of everything that sucks about the sport of bodybuilding. You give everyone that has put any time and effort into the sport a bad name. You are one of the J/O's that wears a size small undershirt/wifebeater to work out because you think it makes your muscles look "swole". You lift with bad form to feed your already massive ego. You are constantly looking for a shortcut, and have most likely never done anything truly challenging in life. You deserve to be smacked upside the head with a dumbbell.


i am a strong guy. and i do work hard, and i do have a great routine and good form, my football coaches make sure of it. i think that the TRIBEX and Spike might be a good combo, Carbolin 19 i just read about in the article about clean bulking. i agree that HOT-ROX would be a waste of money, and not help at all. oh and supplements aren't cheating. thanks for the help, and thanks for accusing me of being a discrace to the bodybuilding name.

maybe Carbolin 19 and Spike should be my main focus for stacking on muscle that last.


BTW i dont own a wife beater they suck. i am not a red neck. although im from oklahoma.


I don't think he was refering to the "supplements" found on this site, but the "others" you have claimed to use.


You are right. I put together a long winded response using quotes form his previous posts, but was asked to re-word it and just don't have the patience to do it again.

I also did not mention supplements or steroids once in my previous post.


At 145lbs, you don't need anything other than food and a protien supp.

And very few people have good form after lifting for 1 year.

Now got eat something.



Brutal !


At 145 your far to swole to be functional. I'd start to cut immediately!


this is why i hate you guys, everytime i ask a question its a dumb one. i eat alot and take my protine and its good foods that i eat not McDonalds and Dominos. i will buy Spike and Carbolin 19. and i will use it, and Grow!, and i will make you all look like little girls.

yep instead of crying about your post that are SO INFORMATIVE about how i just need to eat and workout with my bad form and my cool wife beater (that i dont even own) im going to take drugs and make my beautiful body transform into a iron pressing machine.

maybe if i asked if you like to play with other guys balls you all would say that is a great question and you would all answer "Yes thats is exactly what i love to do." i have read all about Spike and Carbolin 19 over the past few days and havent found any real answers to weather or not its a smart stack or a waste of money. i do agree that i dont need HOT-ROX cause im only 145, that was something i needed to hear, but me being a "kid" in a wife beater in a garage gym thinking that im a beast cause i can throw up 225 and lifting up my shirt to check my abs every 30 seconds.

anyone who objects to me buying Spike and Carbolin 19 please give me a damn good reason to do otherwise.


I do.

You are 18. You weigh 145lbs. And that is after the use of steroids.

You know why you pissed me off? You are looking for an easy way out, a shortcut.

I have a cousin who is now 18 and 6'0". 3 Years ago he weighed 220lbs and the only exercise he ever got was walking to the refrigerator; he was a fat ass. He is now 205lbs with 15% bodyfat and is the captain of his high school football and rugby teams.

You know how he did this? He learned about nutrition, and how to eat correctly, he stopped making excuses for himself, and he busted his ass everyday. He never asked for a supplement or steroids or prohormones. He was willing to put in the time and effort. You on the other hand, strike me as someone looking for a quick fix to make you huge.

Also, if you think you are going to sit here and lecture me about how AAS (do you know what that stands for?) is going to make you huge, you should reconsider who you are talking to. If you would like me to explain further please pm me because I am not going to continue to have this ridiculous discussion on the board.


How many calories are you eating a day? How can you only weigh 145? How can you play football at 145? What position are you?


LOL @ "protine"


So learn from your mistakes...

It's protein by the way.


Good for you. You'll die sooner too.

It is a funny image though, you have to admit that. And it's Carbolin 19 by the way.

I believe we all pretty much said Carbolin 19 and Spike are fine togther. I wouldn't stack them with your typical cycle of drugs though.

I do have a legitimate question for you... If you are so happy with the cycles of drugs you've taken, why do you even think Carbolin 19 and Spike will be of any benefit to you? Why not continue what you have been doing?


The term "benchwarmer" comes to mind...


Maybe if you ate some dominos and micky dee's you wouldn't weight 145lbs.

You have no business jucing for several reasons. First, you are far to young, PERIOD END OF DEAL. Second, you can eaisly gain more weight by just eating and lifting.

I won't say anything about Spike. I'm hooked on stimulants so it would be the pot calling the kettle black. Carbolin 19, plain and simple, you don't need it. You can make more gains by just eating a boatload of food and training with a good program.

Also, congratulations, you've just made a jackass out of yourself. Good luck.