Supplement Stack Recommendations?

Hi everyone. It’s time to replenish my supplements and I was thinking of doing a stack with the goal of getting bigger, or at least maintaining what I’ve built so far. My wife and I are going to start Nutrasystems (the home delivery meal package) in a few weeks with the goal of us losing some fat.

My logic here is I will continue to lift regularly and heavy while dieting and a ‘bulking’ supplement stack will allow to me keep what I have and perhaps gain a few lbs of muscle even while dieting.

Here’s what I was thinking:


If anyone else here has any ideas I’m all ears. The NutraSystems package will be about 1,000 - 1,500 calories a day as far as I calculate (haven’t ordered it yet) so this stack will keep my energy up.

I know this is an odd combo, trying to bulk while dieting aggressively so I’m all ears and thanks in advance.

My first thoughts… have you heard of anyone doing anything similar with good results?

If not, are there any specific reasons why you’re expecting good results.

And yes, that stack looks like for bulking (albeit mass, not fat?) rather than cutting.

Have you been lifting heavy before? Do you have the body to support such an aggressive change (I consider the supplement stack you’re planning on taking aggressive, especially coupled with such a low calory diet).

If I were you I’d consider something known to be healthy – ie. start eating plenty of fishoils, maybe get some HRX (although that may not be healthy in the strictest strictest sense?) to help you cope with the lower calories, probably smart to add some CLA and sesamine or something more to fuel the fat burn.

But other than that, I’m kindof puzzled, that nutrisystem page didn’t show up with any info when I clicked it, and the supplement stack link pointed to something which I wouldn’t take unless told to do so by a trusted physician.

Good points.

Some background on me:
37, 6’2, 235 been lifting consistantly for 20 years, solid muscle mass with respectible poundages.

I’m going with Nutra Systems as I’ve simply been unable to master the discipline to eat super cleanly and drop the fat. Nutra Systems will force this on me and I’ll be doing it along with my wife so that will help. Basically it’s a low calorie diet similar, although less protein laden, than a body builder preparing for a show.

I just finished up my current supplements and I’m looking to shock my body and bring it to the next level. This aggressive stack I feel will do just that, allow me to keep my muscle mass and stripping away the fat via dieting.

Alternatively I’m also considering a fat loss stack but my concern is it might be too much with a low calorie diet.

I’m completely open to advice though (hence me posting here) as I’m not a supplement expert.

Here’s the diet supplement stack I’m also considering for weight loss:

Please advise…

If you’ve been lifting for 20 years, you might very well have the body to respond to just such a program, who knows :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t sound too hostile, but I was just wary of this perhaps being someone relatively inexperienced with supplements, and lifting. Heck, 20 years, you’ve probably got 10 times my experience so I’m not in any position to give you advice.

Except maybe about the fishoil… omega-3 rocks! :wink:

LOL, I’m no expert don’t get me wrong, nor have I ever competed professionally, but I do have a solid understanding of lifting, subscribe to 4 bodybuilding mags monthly, amd simply love lifting Iron. I suffer from ‘skinny kid, youngest of 6 children’ syndrom. Now I’m the most muscular in my family. :slight_smile:

I’ve simply struggled in the areas of dieting (hence Nutrasystems) and need education and recommendations on supplementing. There are always new products out there so I figured this would be a good place to post.

Thanks again and I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

here’s my two cents: that supplement stuff you want to cycle is crap. get real steroids, they are safer, less side effects and actually work. otherwise stick to stuff like Alpha Male or similar products from other companies.

as for the diet, look into precision nutrition. bite the bullet, learn how to eat. not only will your body look better, it will feel a lot better too. that’s because it will be working better, your brain, muscles, even the digestive system. you become what you eat, why get anything less than the best?