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Supplement Stack Help

Okay, so it seems i’ve collected over the last couple of months too many supplements and don’t know what to stack with what.

I have arigine, glutamine, creatine, test booster, BCAA’s and i’ll be taking a weight gainer along with using whey isolate. I’m 19, 5’8’’, 183 about 17% BF. Max bench 245x6, max deadlift 365x4, max squat 315x6. Any help appreciated.

Why would you be taking a weight gainer at 17% bf? In general weight gainers are junk for anyone, way too many calories, fats and sugars for one sitting. at 19 you probably don’t need a T-booster.

BCAA’s can be used peri-workout. Glutamine and creatine PWO in your whey. That all being said, all the supps you’ve mentioned “stack” together. They are all compatible and won’t interfere with the other.

I got the test booster because it was on sale and my body fat was just a guess. I’m an ectomorph for sure but thanks for the help!

Yah Get rid of that weight gainer just all kinds of simple sugars and juck calories! It will make you fatter! What you need my friends is a clean diet and a good lifting program! Whats your lifting background?

I would Suggest “Starting Strenth” with the Anabolic Diet!

As far as the supps go Remember they are just that SUPPLEMENTS TO A GOOD PROGRAM AND DIET! Keep the Bcaa as Elusive said peri-workout. then post workout get 50 grams of whey isolate, 50 grams of a simple sugar Dextrose, or maltodextrine then throw in 5 grams of cratine monohydrate and 5 grams of Glutamine and your good to go!

No need for a test boster as you T levesl are at their Highest pint right now in your life!

Happy Lifting!

i sold my weight gainer to a skinny kid.

do the same.

i second the BCAA peri-workout. that’s all i use it for these days…

you think i’ll actually gain fat with the weight gainer? i use it as a meal in the morning at work. in a serving it has 78 grams of carbs but only 10 are from sugar. i take in 200-250 grams of protein a day depending on what i cook, not sure about carbs but fairly high, along with a decent amount of fat. i workout 4 days a week, chest and tris, back and bis, legs, and shoulders and abs/fore arms.

Well what I meant was you CANT get away with Eating 78 grams of carbs in one sitting your 17% bodyfat and just because it only has 10 grams of sugar doesnt mean its not full of Filler carbs which are worse than sugar!

Get you carbs from oatmeal, whole grain rice, sweet potatoes vegies NOT from a wheight gainner youl gain alright but just FAT!

I’d bet most of the carbs in your weight gainer are maltodextrin…this isn’t classified as a sugar on the nutritional label but its basically the same thing.