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Supplement Stack for Mass Building


Alpha Male
Surge Recovery

I went through all the supplements I can find on here and came out with this list (along with some pure protein-casein and whey).

Would this be an efficient stack for mass building?

Also, would you add/take off any supplements? Why?

Primary goal is to pack on lean muscle!!


What's your diet like? How much do you weigh? Those supplements are good, but they won't make up for a crappy diet.


I eat:

Breakfast: 4 eggs with sausage (breakfast tacos)


Snack: Huge ass all natural shake with 2000 calories and 100g protein

Lunch: Two turkey sandwiches

Snack: PB and J

Dinner: Steak/Chicken and veggies

Snack: Pure Casein Protein


Judging by the usage of the phrase "lean muscle"...diet is crap. No offense OP, I'll be glad if you prove me wrong.


Ok, not too bad actually OP. What's your height/weight/lifts?


I would've scrapped the Alpha Male and Beta-7 and got some Metabolic Drive Complete and Surge Workout Fuel. That's just my opinion though.


Im a 15 year old sophomore

6'3" 255

football player whose trying to stay at about this weight (can get up to about 265), but put on a bunch of lean muscle. What do yall think?


Ive got a

275 lb bench

415 lb squat and deadlift

235 lb power clean and incline


Im actually using the Surge Workout Fuel right now, but the Metabolic Drive stuff doesn't impress me. Ive read too many studies that say that casein-whey mix is wasteful, as the casein dominates the whey because of its long development. I use whey and casein separately instead


Basically, I need an awesome stack that doesn't need to add a bunch of calories or protein, just purely supplement my current diet with some stuff that ought to boost my gains.


I'd say pick up some MAG-10 in addition. Look into the many versions of CT's peri-workout nutrition in his forum (Christian Th... (HTH)).


From OP:

If those lifts are right then you're kickin my ass (except on the deadlift thankfully). Anyways, with regards to:

you can't add mass without adding calories.


Please reference these "studies," because I've not seen anything that shows what you claim, nor have I experienced anything to support such a claim.


Wow, well I probably have a muscle mass advantage at 255 lbs, but those are correct.

Ya, I understand that, I guess I mis-worded that. I meant that I do have a relatively high body fat percentage (compared to most on this site), and, because I am a football player (need to work on my speed), I dont need to add much weight, but still want to transfer some of that fat weight into lean muscle mass. Does that make more sense?


Brian, I dont have them on hand. I guess its just a preference thing really. I feel like using both the micellar casein and whey isolates separately cant hurt, and if some of what I have read is even partly true, there is no reason not to use both of em.


Could you link me to this maybe? I cant seem to find these "versions" with this info. Sorry, Im not good with finding my way around the site yet. What do you like about MAG-10?


However, I could be completely wrong. I was interested to see that Biotest sells this mix.

Basically, what I have been told in the past is that when taken together, the casein virtually lumps up due to its slow development, blocking the whey. I, however, am a high schooler and have no supplementation background. If you truly think that the combo is worth a try, who am I to say youre wrong?

Basically, is the idea behind the mix that the whey will be immediately distributed and then the casein will maintain that anabolic state?

Thanks for all the responses!


The thing is that your claim flies in the face of the research that shows combining different proteins does not negate the benefits of each.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with using these forms of protein separately from one another, but there's also no good reason to do so most of the time.


I just reread the OP, if you're 15 Alpha Male probably won't do much for you.


Alright, well thats good to know.