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Supplement Stack For Health


hey guys , i need your help. I'm 20 years old, i eat as healthy as possible 24/7 (trust me on this - 40%carbs/30%protein-30% fat) and weight train 3-4 times a week and do extra arobic work when im feeling up to it (which is usally all the time when you have an active girlfriend and a dog and karate ) , im trying to become the next jack lalane basically while maintaing a nice musclur body also to live long and healthy as possible.

im trying to find a healthy supplement stack , i can't find any with up front formal guide in doing this, most resources i find neglect one or the other or leave out important factors on supplement choice. i don't wanna go over board with buying supplements(100-120 a month would seem top price) but i would like to know what is the best possible supplements for health for someone trying to get as healthy as possible in all aspects of his body.

so far i came up with these catagories, it needs alot of work

overall: high potencey multi-vit from gnc/green tea extract

digestive : metamucil ( is this alright to take in the long run )

heart/veins ect.(im big on this) : coQ10 90mg / 1500mg galic / 81mg asprin / 9 grams of fish oil

liver : antioxidant complex of some sort ( need help picking one out)

bones : calcium/mag/zinc supplement

joints : glucosimine and msm

sexual function : im lost here , there is so much to choose from

muscle : whey protein and creatine.

i guess you can call this my rough draft to choosening my health career supplements. i wanted to see what you guys would put down as your stacks in this situation, what advice you can give me, if you know of any sites or articles on this site that cover all this. so many claims from herbs/vitamins i don't even know where to start.

God bless



Never take cal/mag/zinc formulas

Take mag and zinc separate from calcium, possible in ZMA form. Take calcium if your diet is low in it.


I would dump the categories.

There is really no need for you to take a calcium/magnesium supplement for your bones.

Did you know that Japan has the lowest consumption of milk of any industrialized nation? Yet, they have the lowest rate of osteoporosis!

The reason? Vegetables!

Okay some (hopefully) helpful information for you:

Best multi vitamins that I have seen are Twin Lab and Life Extension.

There are many good health sites on the net. One of the better ones for nutrition is "Life Extension. com"

You can also purchase top rate pharmaceutical grade nutrients there. Many scream that they are too expensive, and they are. But I KNOW what I'm putting into my body when I consume them.

If you want cheap go to Walmart- Are they good vitamins? Who knows? Usually...buy cheap get cheap..There are exceptions. But why gamble with your health?

Don't take metamucil or aspirin unless you have a health concern which they specifically address!

Vitamin E, and Gingko Biloba will thin the blood. That's all aspirin does.

Eat Oatmeal everyday-It's great food and will take care of any issues the metamucil deals with. And you get some added nutrients to boot.

I like the other things for the heart that you have suggested. Garlic, CoQ10 and Fish Oil. I also like the amounts.

A great product that just arrived on the scene is called "Flameout." It's made right here by Biotest. It has fish oil and CLA. Both ingredients have been shown to help with inflammation problems.

Give it a try as it seems to be pretty incredible!

I wouldn't worry about the liver. Milk Thistle is a good product (there are others). But unless you have liver issues it's really not needed.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol and you probably will have no liver issues.

I also like glucosamine and MSM for the joints, espcially for those who train hard. I would add Boswella extract.

More important than the various nutrients that we have discussed is regularly consuming natural food.

Eat plenty of Vegetables and Fruits. And if you can get them organic do so. I like to eat them in their raw form (enzymes are killed with heat), but cooked is good too.

There are nutrients in these foods which work together and are needed on a daily basis.

In recent studies they isolated one carotene and it really did nothing on it's own. But when you are eating all of the carotenes, in a carrot or other vegetable they are working over time for you!

Glad to see that you are thinking about your health at the age of 20. Many on at your age are attempting to see how fast they can wreck their health at the age of 20. As they think that they will never have health issues. sort of short sighted huh?

If I can ever be of assistance don't hesitate to ask.

Good Luck,



thank you zeb and wales for the help , you guys know any web sites that have detailed guide lines in choosing supplements??


I think the best thing is for you to do your own research.

Just take some time each day and begin with one particular nutrient and move onto the other key players.

No one can really give you a perfect routine. I think you have to figure out what works to begin with (there is garbage on the market) and then what works best FOR YOU.


Everybody is going to die. Time is just a variable.



But it's all about:

  1. Qualtiy of life.

  2. Length of life.

The material above will improve these two things.


you should start supplementing with some anti-despesants :slight_smile:

thank you again zeb for the research

so far i have the basics that everything will revole around

protein: whey (any good brand names on protein )

creatine : either creapure of cee

multi vit/min

healthy fats : fish oil ( any recomended does ) was looking into cla, sesamin and flamout really has got my attention.

antioxidant complex - scivation makes a good product called noxidant and will add green tea into the mix.

i figure i will build my foundation around these supplement groups. figure it beeter to buy the quality than the qanity.



I think Carbolin 19 is good for the heart too.

Look up some PubMed on Colforsin and Cardiac Output / Heart Health

Also its good for Lung Health


will check this out as well , thank you



Biotest sells both of the products that you are looking for right here on this site:

  1. Classic Grow! is a great protein powder. The taste and quality are both incredible.

  2. And the just started selling a very high quality Creatine product.

Click up in the left hand corner of your screen and read all about the products in question.