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Supplement Stack Advice


I am currently taking a supp stack of HOT-ROX, Methoxy-7, and ZMA. I will be going on vacation in a couple of weeks and was wondering if using Carbolin 19 instead of HOT-ROX would be beneficial? as my eating habits are going to be very inconsistent. Any advice is appreciated thanks.


Really depends on what your goals are. Carbolin 19 and HOT-ROX are for two very different goals. Also, Carbolin 19 is something you need to take over a longer period of time to realize the full benefit.

What would you be hoping to accomplish in switching? A little detail would help.



As Kuz wrote. What are you trying to do? HOT-ROX is mainly for fat loss.


Yeah... what Kuz said.

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My appologies. To be more specific, by switching Carbolin 19 for HOT-ROX I was hoping to maintain fat loss while keeping muscle mass(if muscle mass if gained, I have no complaints). The reason for switching, as I said was because I am leaving on vacation for a couple of weeks, and my eating habits are going to be very inconsistent and irregular.


You're better off sticking with HOT-ROX if you're worried that your eating habits will be less than optimal while on vacation.


Couldn't agree more. Well, I guess I could try to agree more, but it's a little early in the day.


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You could probably eat like a wild maniac the entire time on vacation and still not have any problems with fat gain. Given how you look in the pics on the thread above, why in the world are you looking to get [i]leaner[/i] (i.e. by taking HOT-ROX)? How much leaner do you plan on being???