Supplement Stack - 5-hours-a-Day-Training

Whats up guys

Next year I am off to train in Vegas, to train MMA WITH xTREME Couture.

Im going to be training about 5 hours every day, so nutrition has to in place. (I train roughly 3 hours a day now so its not a MASSIVE step up)
I am going to be eating as much as possible, and be sure to get the calories in.

I need to get my supplement stack planned now so I know what to buy when i get out there.

I figure the essential would be animal pak for vit and minterals, seeing as I am going to be training so much.

Whey protein several times a day also to make sure I get in at least 300g of protein a day.
Im going to be drinking a lot of milk to get in the calories also.

BCAA’s and glutamine as well.

Just looking for your thoughts on a stack I can take whilst out there to stop from overtraining and breaking down. Just looking for some input of what I could take, on top of the above to get the most calories and protein in to me.

Also, only supplements i can get from locals supplement stores, so the more well reckognized brands please.

Thanks in advance for any advice.