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Supplement Stack 2017


Ok so I’ve been taking my new stack lately I was just wondering how you guys feel about it so I’m taking 10mg of lgd 4033 and 50mg of s4 with 5 hcggenerate 4 armor trim fat burner 6 fish oil 3 platinum multi vitm that’s what I take for a whole day plus I’m cutting I was just wondering your guys thoughts about this


Aside from the fact that HCGenerate is garbage and will do nothing for you, it’s advertised as a Post cycle therapy supplement, so you’re not using it right, even it was effective!

I’m going to give a very generic answer, more for the benefit of anyone else reading this than you. SARMS are not particularly effective, and have the potential to do a lot of the damage to your natural test production that steroids can, hence the recommendation of a pct. It’s like the old prohormone market, but at least those were effective. These should be trashed.

I’ll move on to the fat burner. Fat burners should ONLY be used by people who are already successfully dieting down. They’re fine for getting through sticking points, points of low motivation, or as finishing touches to an already lean physique. They should not be relied on as a staple of an average weight cut. Going from, say, 25 to 15% bodyfat should not involve a fat burner.

Fish oil is such an inconsequential aspect of supplementation. I doubt very many people actually realize a discernible difference between being using it and not.

I would never take a multivitamin. Eat a variety of vegetables instead.


Given that my 20’s are now well in my rear-view mirror, I absolutely do notice it when I take breaks from consistent, high-quality fish oil intake.

For me, it shows up as pretty minimal pain in my joints: knees, sometimes an elbow, and most recently, even in my wrists. It’s nothing that interferes with normal activity & training, but these joints are not completely pain-free, either.

I’d say my experience has covered about four (planned and unplanned) breaks by now, and this type of pain has surfaced each time, so I’m pretty comfortable with the anecdotal conclusion.

Flip is right on the money with everything else.


Should also add that ‘high-quality fish oil + curcumin’ is the ideal combo, for me anyway.

But I don’t buy/take curcumin nearly as often as I’d like, and so it’s been easy to isolate high-quality fish oil as the individual variable in play.


What are SARMS?


I have to say that I don’t recognize any of the supplements you listed except fish oil and multi vitamins.

I have never heard of lgd or hcgenerate. I assume that they are supposed to be testosterone boosters of some sort.

Anyway, I have used the following supplements:

Mag-10 Awesome!

Alpha Male -seems to work to boost T

Flameout -I prefer it as it is the only form of fish oil with a male ratio of DHA to EPA. It is also purified so that you get about .55 grams of EPA and DHA per gram of total fat and mercury free. For these reasons it is better than just eating fatty fish 2x/week. Store bought fish oils used to only be .3 grams of EPA and DHA per gram of fatty acids and they ALL have a female balance of DHA to EPA. 3-4 a day pretty much maxes out the health benefits IMO.

Indigo-3G: Works!

Superfood + Metabolic drive: I really only use these two together now as a low carb meal replacement and will add coconut butter for some fat as needed.

ZMA: BEST zinc and magnesium supplement ever IMO. ZMA is the only zinc supplement that doesn’t upset my stomach when I take it before bed.

I am trying Rez-V and Micro-PA.

As far as vitamins and minerals, I do not take a multi vitamin. They tend to do as much harm as good based on extensive research, probably due to imbalances in their makeup. I DO take:


3000 units of D3 once a week

1-2 grams of vitamin C from time to time-it is supposed to reduce cortisol before bed and it doesn’t bother my stomach so I will take it with ZMA if I have had trouble sleeping.

Iodine-I believe that Americans are massively deficient, only getting maybe 5% of optimal levels

Occasionally B-complex if I am feeling sluggish.

I eat 1/2 pound of beef liver per week and about 20 egg yolks. This gives retinol (active vitamin A). I also cycle in red palm oil. Also liver provides copper which is also something that people can be deficient in.

My supplement priorities now would be:

Mag-10 3 servings per day
ZMA, Flameout, Alpha Male in cycles and Indigo-3G.


google is your friend on this one. You’ll get a better explanation that way than by asking me to type something out. plenty of info out there.


I read up on them. What do you think about T boosters like Tribulus and Forskolin?


Ya know, the science just isn’t great on them, but I think they’re at least worth a shot for older dudes. I think there are better options available through doctors, but even if all they give you is a placebo effect at worst, then there’s value there. IDK. I’m mostly on the fence on those products.


Older dude here.

Not placebo.

My joints love them omegas.


I haven’t tried forskolin, but for me, tribulus is like rocket fuel. The wife hates it though. :innocent: