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Supplement Side Effects


Hey guys do BCAAs or ZMA have any side effects (long or short term) what so ever? my freakin mom keeps freaking out about them.


Well I can't say much for the BCAA's but I do know about ZMA. Honestly people claim that you are supposed to get alot better sleep while taking them, but people including myself found that it was the opposite in fact. I would get these crazy real to life dreams and wake up every night atleast twice. As far as improvement in the gym goes? It was very noticeable and I stopped taking them awhile ago.


I agree with the potential weird dreams while taking ZMA. But I like weird dreams so I consider that a benefit.

BCAA's are nothing more than protein. They can't hurt you any more than a piece of meat or a some protein powder could.

I hate to suggest it if you're young and living at home but... Why not do your own research, decide what you want to supplement with, and just keep it to yourself?


BCAA's are about as safe as protein. Does she freak out when you eat chicken?

ZMA is a MINERAL supplement. If anything it's got nutrients you should have been intaking anyway.


shes like oh it has zinc and magnesium ur multi-v already has that ur gonna be intaking too much


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BCAA's are, like the others have said, completely safe for long term consumption and highly recommended.

ZMA is designed for those who have a deficiency. Typically an athlete would be the type to have this deficiency, but at your age it's unlikely. This is especially true if you are only weight training and not actively involved in a sport. I've notice most of the people who claim it helps their sleep are who I would consider an athlete, whereas the ones who claim it affects their sleep negatively either are not athletes or did not have a deficiency in the first place. Regardless, it would typically be considered safe for longterm consumption, similar to a multi-v. I would agree with your mom that at your age it's likely your multi-v has an adequate amount.


Like your mom, I am cery cautious about what I allow my son to put into his body, I've done quite a bit of research and I allow him to use the following: Metabolic Drive, Surge, BCAA, Beta-7, and ZMA. I'm not sure how old you are, my son is seventeen now, but he was sixteen when he started this stuff.

I am also contemplating letting him take Rez-V, it is said to have many health benefits.

One condition I placed on my son before I committed to buying these supplements for him was that he eat properly, he followed the Seven Habits Of Healthy Eating exactly to the letter for about 4 weeks then started slowly tweaking it a bit here and there to fit his needs as prescribed in the DVD. I can promise you, if you put your diet first and foremost and then add supplements as needed you will see far better results. You can learn everything you need to know about proper eating habits right here on this website.


I've been researching and researching lately and can't seem to find a serious side effect in taking ZMA and BCAA's. The only way its bad for you is if you overdose on it which isn't the case here.

Just to comfirm everything, there is no LONG term side effects to it either right? By the way im 18 years old if age matters when taking these supplements...Is it possible for me to get too much of zinc or magensium or bcaa's since i already eat a lot or it really doesn't matter cause ill be burning those minerals or bcaa's off since im physically active?