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Supplement Selection


Anyone know where I can find the efficacy of supplements from an unbiased site??

By 'unbiased' I mean I don't want to go to the site that sells the supplement and have them list doctors in support of their supplement when those doctor's are on their payroll.

I'm really looking for some university type double-blind research. I'm sure such sites exists, I just can't find them.

An example of what I'm looking for might be something like "study x showed this protein provided constant protein to the bloodstream over x hours because of..."

Again, I'm just trying to avoid doctor's that might be on the manufacturer's payroll.


This is kind of unnecessary, and you probably wont find it, so just start trying stuff based on your goals and budget, like the products on this site.


Just take what's common and if it works for you, great! For me that would include creatine and ZMA. Definite effect. No more need be known.