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Supplement Schedule

Here are the supplements I just ordered. Any advice on dosing and time of day to consume would be greatly appreciated.

3 hotrox
3 low carb grow
3 Surge
3 Mag 10

Thanks in advance

surge- post workout

grow-as needed throughout day

hot rox and mag 10-follow label instructions.

Your going to want some tribex for post cycle with the mag 10. Also maybe some M…

P-Dog nailed it, Parrothead!!!

To get a better idea of what’s going on with Surge, what it does and why you’re taking it, read, “Solving the Post Workout Puzzle,” I & II.

Taking Mag-10 while on T-Dawg 2.0 is not really the best combination. It’s kinda like trying to mix oil and water.

T-Dawg is a carb-restricted, cutting diet. Mag-10 is a prohormone used for bulking, which requires more carbs than T-Dawg provides.

You have two choices. One, save the Mag-10 for an all-out bulking cycle once you get down to about 12% BF. Two, let me run the numbers for you with the goal of putting on a little muscle and dropping a little fat.

Properly done, T-Mag requires something for hormonal recovery; i.e., at the very least, Tribex; optimally, Tribex & M.

Thoughts on mag10:

The stuff is awesome, but from my own exprience here’s what I would do differently…

If it is your first cycle do single doses/day 2 weeks. If you’ve already done above move to double doses/day 2 weeks. If already done that move to double doses/day 3 weeks.

Defenitely pick up some tribex to help you retain the gains.

Forget the M.

Parrothead what P-Dog and TT said are true. And what is your goals,age, and expercince in lifting?

You will defintely need tribex and either M or vitex following the useage of Mag10. Make sure you read about all these product before taking them!