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supplement refunds

Just out of curiousity, has anyone out their ever tried to get a refund from any supplement companies that supposedly guaranteed any their products? How did it turn out? Also, maybe one of the Biotest guys can answer this, how do the companies determine what is an acceptable reason for a refund. thanks

the only suppliment company i needed a refund from was biotest, and they just sent me more MD6 and told me to keep the other stuff. no questions no hassles. i know from working in ‘regular’ retail that weither you get teh refund or not depends a lot on who you talk to. you’ll get it if they feel like giving it to you.

I’ve sent products back to EAS and they have promptly refunded me.

I just recently made an order through VitaminBlvd, and had a couple questions regarding the products. Even though it wasn’t really a complaint, they offered to exchange or refund the order.

EAS wouldn’t refund me on Neurogain. Actually, they said they would, but gave such a run around that I didn’t want to go back to the store, get new reciepts (the old ones didn’t list the product name), signatures from the clerks, etc etc. Oh and they sternly told me on the phone, “You realize that if you get your money back then you can never buy it again.” Um, why would I buy it again if it sucked the first time? And second, how would you know if I bought it again? That, to me, was the beginning of the end for EAS.

Read Shugart’s Consumer Reports on SDI-Labs. Now those bastards are crooked! Real sneaky with the “money back guarantee”. Slimeballs!

After reading TEK’s response, I must clarify. I bought Neurogain from EAS directly and sent it back to them with the original receipt. I’ve never tried to send something back that I’ve picked up from another store or site, but I’ve got some 3 year old orange flavored Betagen that I never liked and should have returned long ago. Anyway, I may try to return it, but I’m sure that EAS won’t be so open about giving me my money back.

I returned some tribex with no issues in the process whatsoever, it was as easy as buying it. I’ve since tried it and love it and was told that I could only return a product once, no big deal, never had too again!