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Supplement Recommendations


Hi guys,

I recently hired a personal trainer, and he recommended that I take the following supplements:

  • Cytodyne's Cycle Zmass right before going to sleep at night

  • Prosource's Super Phosphatidylserine postworkout.

What do you guys think of these supplements?

In addition, he recommended that I take Vitalzym. This seems good enough as they are enzyme supplements, which are pretty harmless, correct?


sounds bogus. depends on your training level though...dont waste your money


Z-mass is "glorified ZMA," unless you have some health problem, don't take the enzymes, they won't really do anything. The phosphatidyl serine is for neural support, you can take some other supplement company or even use Power Drive that is on here, which is pretty cheap. He should be recommending a protein powder with carbs PWO. If he didn't do that, I'd drop him.


How did the personal trainer determine you were deficient in zinc, magnesium, and enzymes?


Thanks for the info guys.

I have a hairlie fracture on my tibia plateau, and I assume that's why he recommended I take the enzymes. Apparently, I'm supposed to be 'feeling' the difference within a week so we'll see.

I'm not sure how he knew I was insufficient in Zinc, Magnesium and enzymes though. He asked me to take a bunch of tests to be able to help me out better, but I haven't taken those medical tests yet (one of them being testing my testosterene level. etc.)

I already purchased and started taking them before posting on this thread. So far I am basically hearing that these supplements are not that helpful, but not harmful either. Since I have them already, I'll give it a try.

Thanks for the info guys. And if you got more info on these, please post!


Oh, and he also recommended that I take protein supplements. I ordered Muscle milk, and they are on their way (he didn't recommend this brand, but i love the taste of it.)


If you like Musclemilk you'll love Grow! err, I mean Metabolic Drive.