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Supplement Recommendations?


Okay, im just looking for some basic advice here. For various reasons, I do not want to take any substances that are considered illegal by the U.S. government. Its kinda driving me crazy seeing what has been banned and what is still allowed as far as food and supplements, but that's the way it is I guess.

Up until now, I haven't worried too much about supplements. Ive just focused on food and quality training, and using caffeine and creatine as needed to continue to progress.

Well in the past 6 months or so, my training has really come together. I've made some pretty good gains in strength and have put on about 25-30 lbs. But im looking for that little edge to help me continue to improve performance, decrease fat, and increase muscle.

Having said that, I have a few questions.

1) What substances would you recommend for me that are not considered illegal by the U.S government?

2)I was looking into Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and later on an ECA stack. Would this maybe be a good place to start?

3) What would you guess the average olympic athlete is taking?

4) What is the average competative natural bodybuilder taking?

Thx for any and all advice.


Also does anyone have a link to the article "supplement wars"


What's this got to do with steroids?


You're right, BONEZ, so we moved it to Supplements and Nutrition.


I guess nothing really, but I figured the guys in this forum would know more. And im not sure how pro-hormones would be classified. Sorry for the mistake.


IMO, if you only take caffeine/creatine, and you are inquiring about compounds that affect hormone levels, you are missing a huge middle step between the two.

Assuming protein is so obvious you didn't need to mention it, what about fish oil, vitamin D, superfood-like products, zinc, magnesium, etc.

Not sure if you just meant products you take around workouts, but said supplements would give you great benefits, and are in no way anything against what you are looking for.

I'm also trying out Carbolin 19 and TRIBEX (the former in HOT-ROX), loving them so far.

Also, you said that you did not want to take any substances banned by the US government:

1) Is this just a standard you made up and choose to live by, as there are nice compounds that are banned and horrid compounds which are not (Yohimbe is banned for sale up here in Canada, and Sibutramine is a product with the governments backing which sounds a hell of a lot like Phen-fen, cardiac complications included)

2) You realize the E in ECA does stand for Ephedrine, and that it doesn't really fit into the 'socially accepted' category.


Sorry I didn't mention it, but I do take a multi, protein, and magnesium+zinc. I have been taking fish oil in the past, but haven't as much lately. I'll get back on it though.

As for the ephedrine, ive never tried an ECA stack, but was under the impression that its still legal to buy through the internet?

Thx for the suggestions.... Any idea where that "andro wars" article is?


Ephedrine is legal everywhere and available in OTC products such as Bronkaid and Primatene tablets. These are probably kept behind your pharmacists desk, but still available OTC. It may be illegal to ship products containing ephedrine to some states. It is illegal to market ephedrine as a weight loss aid therefore any mention of taking ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin in a 25mg/200mg/81mg dose is strictly verboten.

Of course, guaifenesin does nothing for the stack so you'll want to ingest as little as possible.