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Supplement Recommendations for Strongman?

So right now I’m running 6g of creatine, some fish oil, and animal pack. I hit about 25g a day of BCAA’s. I’m a fan of universal nutrition so I will run an animal stack cycle from time to time with some decent results, but that’s about as exotic as I get. Tried a couple test boosters and haven’t been impressed. Any recommendations on additional supps?

Not interested in crossing over yet to legit gear. That’s not a value judgment. I just remember watching a George Leeman video where he said the longer you hold off on starting roids, the more benefit they’ll actually be if you walk that path. Made perfect sense to me. Please don’t turn this into steroids = cheating.

@Chris_Colucci- thanks for the edit and additional tag. Still finding my way around.

steroids are cheating!

Just kidding; I love steroids…

Curcumin is a great supplement. Might want to look into that. Not really specific to strongman; just a great supp in general.

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If I didn’t mainline glucosamine, I would probably die. I like fish oil too, since I don’t eat any fish.

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Along with the great list that you’ve posted I would add Rez-V as I feel it will keep your E in check which automatically helps your T levels. I would also include ZMA. There is nothing better for you than a good nights sleep. And I have found that those days in the gym where I feel unstoppable are almost always related to a really good deep sleep the night before. ZMA delivers the quality of sleep that I am talking about.

Good Luck With Your Lifting Goals,


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