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Supplement recommendations based on body weight

T-mag crew, what are your recommendations on your supplements based on body weight? If someone like myself (5’4", 142lbs) wants to use Tribex, Andrasol or ZMA, should I base the dose on bodyweight?

Since I'm lighter than most guys, do I need to take six capsules of Tribex every day? Or should I take a lower dose? And would this apply to other supplements? Will two caps of ZMA work for me instead of three?

I ask this for two reasons. One, if a lower dose will give me the same effect as a higher dose in someone who weighs more, why not use it? Second, this would be a way to stretch the almighty dollar and have my supplements last more than a few weeks!

I eagerly await your response! I’m sure there are other T-maggers who would like to know this as well. Since some of us are not as big as everyone else!

It seems that you hypothesis has some merit. It might work ok to use smaller doses but you aren’t all that light and if I were you, I’d be wanting to grow as fast as possible. I would take the recommended dose and maybe you will grow faster than a bigger person because your blood levels will be even higher. Or maybe not. Go for the full dose.