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Supplement Questions


Reseaching as I see it, below are the 4 broad catagories, excluding cortisol suppressors that one should supplement with. Can you guys confirm this? My goal is to keep the muscle that I have but start getting cut. From what I've researched these 4 catagores should help? Feel free to comment.

I've heard creatine will add 5 - 10 lbs to your frame, but isn't this mostly water? I've I'm in a cutting phase should I avoid creatine completely?

Fat Burners
I'm looking at this to burn fat but also suppress my apetitie. This is a requirment when cutting correct?

Nitric Oxide Releasers
For an overall work out pump, better lifts, more endurance.

Testosterone Booster
Self Explanitory.

I think this is it. If I've missed any other supplement catagory you feel I should look at please let me know.



1,2,and 4 are great 3 is a total waste of money better spent on more 1,2,and 4 or real food. Creatine during cutting IMO is even more imnportant than not. sure you'll gain scale weight but who gives a shit its not scakle weight you should be worried about its body comp. the creatine and elevate or sustained ATP stores should help you keep w/o intensity up on a hypocaloric deit.

best of luck,


Awesome, thanks Phil. I bought a NO / Creatine blend powder so I think it will work out nicely. I also purchased a testosterone booster and a cutting / appetite supressant.


I would suggest using the search function and looking for the 'dangerous creatine' article. Read it and consider the NO/creatine product that you have. Depending on its ingredients you may want to swap it for a pure creatine product.