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Supplement Questions


I know that no matter how many supplements you take they cannot make up for a poor training schedule or poor diet. I think that my training schedule and diet are well developed enough to illicit growth and I would like a little extra endurance and strength and mass.

I have tried Cell Mass and NO-XPLODE and thankfully after becoming a member of this forum I found out how horrible these products were for creatine uptake and just my general health. (If you don't know what I'm talking about their is a great article somewhere on this forum I guess just search for creatine supplementation.)

Anyways I have a couple quick questions:

  1. What is the best creatine product on the market? I'm taking plan ol' creatine monohydrate and I don't know if that is the best.

  2. I mix my creatine and L-glutamine in with my whey protein shake, is that good or bad?

  3. What are the most essential supplements that I should take as someone looking for mass, strength and energy?

  4. Is Surge really that good? I hear everybody talking about it on the forum and I'm thinking about trying it.

Thanks again in advance for all that respond.

(Does anybody know where I can get some cool avatars?)



Surge is really very good and plain old creatine monohydrate (perhaps micronized) will do just fine.


Also think about getting a product like Metabolic Drive or Evopro,something that has casein as well as whey. I use both throughout the day(whey and Grow!) depending on my schedule!


Surge appears to be a VERY excellent product though I've never used it. However, it is very expensive too. You could make your own with the following ingredients:
-Hydrolyzed whey protein powder
However, Surge is supposed to taste and mix very well so... It is a convenience thing I guess.


Supps that I can vouch for:

Metabolic Drive
Carbolin 19
Alpha Male

Stacking Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 surprised me at how potent the two are together. The combo has sped up the gaining muscle while losing fat remarkably. The scale is going up, while my waist is shrinking. To me, it's a worthwhile stack.