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I have received lots of different & conflicting info on various supplements over the past year or so and would like to know what you guys think.

*Mag-10 and other T boosters-give acne,hair growth,oily skin,shrinks your balls,you will have testosterone problems in the future,etc.

*Creatine-makes you bloated,needs to be cycled in order to be effective,etc

Also,what exactly is Surge,do you use it while cutting,bulking,or all the time? Seems everyone really likes it.Thanks.


First off Mag-10 is not a T booster like say Tribex. It is a prosteroid. Yes, it will shut you down to a certain extent, therefore it is recomended you use Tribex and M afterward to rebound.

Creatine will make you store water. That is what it does, it makes you retain water in muscle tissue, as well as some in other areas. Yes you should cycle it.

Surge is a post w/o supplement. It consist of Hydro. whey (predigested fast acting protein) and maltodextrin (fast acting carb source to refill lost glycogen from your w/o). It is a premix of exactly what you need in the post w/o window. Surge has it’s place during all times of your training year be it cutting, bulking, what have you. Good post w/o nutrition is a must.

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Phil,Thanks for the reply.Right now I am cutting but I am thinking ahead to this fall and my first true bulking phase,so if I take Mag-10 then follow up with Tribex and M my body will produce testosterone levels like normal?
Also what kind of a cycle do you recommend for taking creatine?
And when taking Surge post w/o ,what about a protein shake? Do you combine them or wait awhile before your protein shake?
Sorry about all the questions,just really want to know these things.

Yes, creatine makes you hold extra water, but that’s not what it does. That is only a side effect.

When you perform maximum-effort work (<10 sec, 95-100% effort) your muscles make use of the ATP-PC energy system. In a nutshell: ATP is broken down into ADP and P giving off energy for your muslces to use. PC is broken down to regenerate the ADP into ATP, and this new ATP molecule is used to make more energy for the working muscles.

Basically, supplementing with creatine leads to increased concentations of PC in the body, and thus a greater maximum-effort work capacity.

Many recent studies have proven long-term creatine supplementation to be safe, causing no liver damage. There is no need to worry about an impairment of your body’s ability to produce creatine since the body does not produce creatine. It is obtained through diet (mainly from meats). The body can store more creatine than a person can obtain through diet alone, which is why supplementing with creatine is effective.

If you want more info I’d suggest searching for creatine on PubMed.



While your profile doesn’t say your age I am assuming you are a teen. You do not want to take Mag-10 or any PH/PS until well into your later 20’s. Another thing is it says you have only been training for 1 year. You really should build a good base before even thinking about any ph/ps/aas assistance, get at least another five years under your belt of training hard and natural.

As far as the creatine. I simply but a container and will use it untill it is gone. Then take a month or so off and buy another jug.

Surge is a protein shake in itself. It is, as I stated a mix of Hydro. Whey and Maltodextrin. Both are very fast acting and almost totally pass through into your system with no digestion needed. Flooding your muscles with the protein and carbs you need in post w/o window. There is no need for any other protein shake.

Hope this helps.

Also check this out and read the whole thing it wioll answer all of your ?'s so far. <a href=“Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION”>Frequently Asked ?



Surge doesn’t have maltodextrin in it…it’s dextrose or as the label reads glucose…

and as you say…

Hope that helps.

Surge Ingredients = [quote]d-glucose, whey-protein hydolysate, maltodextrin, natural and artifical flavors, and sucralose [/quote]

It is actually a mix of both glucose and malto. but thank you for the correction. :slight_smile:

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Hey there splkast

Here’s what I can offer concerning some of your questions…

*Mag-10 and other T boosters-give acne,hair growth,oily skin,shrinks your balls,you will have testosterone problems in the future,etc.

Whether or not Mag-10 will cause acne or oily skin is highly personal. If you can, remember back to when you were a teen and experiencing high levels of natural testosterone…
did you have acne and oily skin then?

If so Mag-10, since it causes increased levels of testosterone could give you acne now. This is by no means scientific, just something to think about.

I think the ball shrinkage, and testosterone production problems have already been addressed so I will skip that.

In contrast to what Phil stated, creatine does not necessarily have to be cycled. Cycling creatine is a holdover from when it first got popular and there was concern as to liver/kidney damage from prolonged use.

As Paul noted, recent research has shown that long-term creatine use is not harmful. There is also evidence showing that as little as 3 grams of creatine taken only on lifting days is sufficient to provide results.

Echoing Paul’s sentiments, a search on could help clear up your creatine confusion.

One more thing…

Phil’s points about not using Prohormones (PH), Prosteroids (PS) or Anabolic steroids (AS), until you have some more lifting experience under your belt should be considered. An absolute on the number of years before you look to these substances for assistance might not be the best approach. Perhaps if you divulge us with some more information we can in return give you more helpful suggestions and feedback.

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