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Supplement Question

hello to all, i am kind of new to supplements, i just purchased a supp, called methyl-vol by est, well after i have been taking these for a few days i decide i want to look them up and find out a little about them, there website says they quit making it because of legal issues,

does anyone know if this stuff is safe or have any other info about it, i cant afford to fail a drug test… thanks

I don’t know much about supplements, and lee (bigragoo) hasn’t heard of this one; but a bit of advice…always research something before you ingest it!

[quote]maryjane wrote:
…always research something before you ingest it![/quote]

Or buy it unless you like wasting $$$$

I say post the ingredients and then we might help. Id say is probably one of those BARELY legal loophole designer prosteroids like superdrol or what not.