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Supplement Question

ok basically im a poor college kid, and i’ve budgeted around 100 bucks for supps. this year other than the basic protein,vitamins,ect. so anyway im looking to drop some fat and retain Lbm, just like everyone else basically. so my question is should i go on 2 straight cycles of hot rox(found a bottle for around $54) or should i stack one hot rox w/ something else? any suggestions would help me out here.

Man just use HotRoxx with a good diet (TDawg 2.0) and hard training and you can lose all the fat you want.

Everyone that I have worked with that has used HotRoxx with consistent diet and training has had incredible results.

As far as combining it I just don’t think that’s the way to go, because of the way that HR works I know there are a lot of technicalities to combining it with stuff so make sure to check the HR forum if you decide too.

thanks ill prolly just go w/ 2 cycles of hot rox then