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supplement question

First off , hello all…
I am a new reader to T-mag , but have found it quite impressive thus far.

Now, I hope I am posting in the write area.

As a new person to weight training , I am looking for some advice and feedback to my questions.

My goal is to increase my weight , but rid the fat ?I currently weigh 172lbs, am 5?9-1/2 tall. I can train 5-7 days a week ( I do 5 now , then help my wife on the weekends in the gym , I usually do not lift ). I have a lean body except my chest is slightly flabby around the ?nipple? area and my stomach has some side fat and lower abs are covered by a layer of fat that I want to kill =)

Ok , now my questions?

1: Which supplements should I take ( I am currently taking protein shakes , and flaxseed oil/vitamins)
2: What type of diet should I be on.
3: What type of lifting program…

Thanks all =)

Start with the FAQ here:

After you’ve read that and gone through all of the article links, then come back here and post if you still have questions.

Use supplements only after you have dialed in your training and nutrition.

The only things you should be using right now are:

  1. Multivitamin

  2. Extra vitamins B, C and E

  3. Fish Oil caps

  4. Protein powders

Those are the basics that will get you started. No need to get on fat burners or other supplements that won’t do you much good if you don’t train and eat correctly.

As stated, read the FAQ’s and Dawg School articles.