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Supplement question: Noni juice and glucosamine

Two questions, first I was wondering if any have herd of Noni Juice and have you seen positive results or is it any good? Also I read that glucosamine is formed from glucose and glutamine and after reading the t-mag article on glutamine I stopped taking it. When I was taking glutamine and gatorade as a during workout drink I noticed my knee feeling better(had two surgeries ACL and had it cleaned out resently), since I have not been taking it I noticed my knee getting sore. So my question is could the glutamine and gatorade I was taking help my knee any?

Wow, I guess my fellow t-men can’t answer the question. I’ll keep searching for the answer.

Noni Juice is just a reasonably good but overpriced anti-oxidant. You can save your money and get much better results by buying a juicer and juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. You’ll get far more benefit from juicing fresh fruit and vegetables than you can ever buy in a packaged fruit or vegetable product.

As for glucose + glutamine making glucosamine, where did you read that? Anyway, despite the t-mag article I still use lots of glutamine in drinks because it does seem to help with my arthritis. But keep taking your glucosamine supps too if you have any type of arthritis, because it has been shown to stop the progression of joint erosions, and possibly even reverse them.