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Supplement Q's

I originally posted this in beginners but got absolutely no information there (sorry if you replied and thought you were doing something other than regurgitating the same things I said in the post myself).

I’m 19, 5’8, weigh 161, and have been training for 2 years. I just finished a few months of a total body program and am going to go back to a body part split program next week.

My 3RM’s for the big 3 are
Bench- 235
Squat- 315
Dead- 225

Yeah my deadlift is really disproportional, but I haven’t been doing them for very long where as I’ve been squatting and benching since I began training. I expect some relatively quick improvement to my deadlift.

Anyway, being 19 and still only 160 pounds I’m obviously bulking. I have the protein intake under control, but that’s about it. Some days I’ll get 4000 calories, only to get something like 2500 the next day. I’m working on it, but I’m also really busy with school.

I know there’s little point in taking supplements until I get my diet more or less perfect, but once I get that down what should I be taking? I’ve read about all the Biotest supplements, but they all sound like they’re God’s gift to strength training.

I’ve read a few articles too but they all plug different supplements, and I just want to know what really works, besides food. So, what do you guys actually take, and what works?

I know a lot more people on this site take some type of supplement than it would seem, so I’m just looking for what you guys really do use.