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Supplement Plan (Biotest Part)

Hey all,
been researching on forums for a while but just wanted to finalize a question and quick skeleton supplement plan.

Pre-workout: Muscle Milk
Post-workout: Micronized German Creatine
AND post workout: Grow! WHEY Premium Quality Protein

I am not necesarily a body building and you could call me a beginner. I would like to gain mass but yet remain cut.

Would that be an ideal plan using those three?

or with Muscle Milk, Micronized German Creating and Grow!.. how would you recommend I plan, pre post and bed etc.

I know its trial and error but I would like to learn what your experience has taught you or what you recommend using those three supplements. Is it over kill? or what do you recommend.

Thanks guys

I like Surge pre/during/post workout. I also take MGCreatine post workout amongst other Biotest products, BCAA periworkout, Flameout postworkouts. So no it’s not overkill, it’s what your body requires when lifting/exercising…

Though I don’t know much about Muscle Milk.

thanks dragonslayer I appreciate the answer.

I was just curious if this is efficient and will get the job done. Right now I only own Muscle Milk, MGCreatine, and Grow! whey.

Pre workout: Muscle Milk
Post workout: MGC creatine and Grow! whey.

is that the most efficient to use those?
or what would u all do

I think theres a Barrticle around here somewhere explaining the possible harmful effects of muscle milk. The creatine and whey are fine, but its all about your daily calorie intake if you want to gain mass. Supplements are great ways to assist a smart diet. Without eating enough food your gains will be minimal. Keep training hard.



Yeah from what little I know from Muscle Milk, I vaguely remember it as something not good.

I’m 100% agreeance however on the Creatine timing and the product itself, as well as Grow!.

dragonslayer, thanks a lot… I figured that the Creatine and Grow! post workout seem to be the best. I’m just curious on the muscle milk timing.

Does anybody have their opinion?

would it be best to do.

Pre-workout: Muscle Milk
Post: Creatine and Grow! Whey?

or move muscle milk to post or to just before bed?

what would be the most beneficial… or basically what do you all recommend.

Thanks for imput so far.

Preworkout: ?
Post workout: ?