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Supplement Plan and Goal to Decrease Protein Intake

Dear All

good day

I hope to have advice here
What we have? Me, workout really in light mode 2 a week. Eat a lot of chicken every day. And also eggs. And huge salad on the sie.
What do we looking for?
We are looking for a plan how to survive without chicken and give my body a rest at least for a little bit from all the protein intake. Because it’s really every meal thing for me.
My height is 169-170
Weight for now 48. Finally have my period from 2 year amenorrhea. Have almost no hair and don’t have hopes it will grow back.
So what would be your suggestion for supplementation?
I was thinking zing magnesium chrome by solgat
fish oil?
or maybe just prenatal multivitamins(because dose if higher than in original version)
collagen doesn’t work for me
biotin - don’t see a point when i eat like 4-7 eggs a day
what else?
i also thougt about either Alcar or 5-htp, because of all the crying for my baldness… :frowning:
Please don’t throw shoes at me. Really need pro advice from somebody who experienced the same.

Best wished

You are in need of medical and psychiatric help, not advice on how to eat less.

Sorry, no advice for you other than to seek psychiatric and medical help.


x2 these forums aren’t for you - You need a highly experienced MD to re-evaluate you


are you kidding me?
why is that?
what is so hard for you to accept?
why couldn’t you advice person in need? or is it easier to give advices for some young pal who try to gain muscles, also make fun of him on the road.
Geeeez… such a discrimination!!