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Supplement Package - How Does This Sound?

Hi All

I have been gym’ing for some time, weight is around 89kg. have used a few (all oral) supplements etc from dbol, to others with it.
but below is what I want to ask about,

I want to pick up about 8 to 10kg for now, my age is 42. Normally I do push a lot of protein.
My goals are not to look like hulk but strength, bit of mass, shaping

I normally gym 5 days a week, on my mass program now, which works good

from next week want to use the following:

  • Ultra Anabolic Mass Grainer - will make it with milk
  • Whey Protein - will take with milk - mass / lean build
  • Test natural pills - have two full bottles, will use till finished
  • Dbol - only for 4 weeks,

Both the mass and whey has recovery in it as well
will look at my gains beginning Feb, might carry on with all - dbol will take 3-4 weeks break

so my question is, the mass grainer, adds mass in fat form etc Dbol adds mass in mostly water form etc … using dbol with it, will it help or will the two work against each other.

I have used the dbol and test before, did help a lot with strength and slight bulk
but was also using other stuff which gets too expensive.

so what you think of these 4 together?

sound like a raise of money

Is DBol lumped in with supps now lol


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Wtf did I just read


siht yug si os diputs lol

Is your aim to become a big fat water buffalo? Them “grainers” are pretty hardcore man, is this your first grainer cycle? if so ease up on them Test natural pills, that combo is only for highly advanced lifters. I see you are consuming milk with it, that should help negate some unwanted grainer side effects, like belly button disturbance syndrome. It’s also advised when on such potent consumables that you stay away from any sharp objects, trust me on that, there’s nothing worse than a pin or a nail robbing you of all them hard weeks put in. You could literally go from 200lbs to 150lbs with one prick. Now if you really wanted to up the ante, you could add in creatine but fuck that’s risky.

Thanks Rizla81

interesting … yeah get what you saying, I do want to pick up like 10kg, but main goal is strength and shaping / toning.
the mass grainer I have, has creatine in but not much.

will try it once its done will change to whey protein and test

Sorry man lol take anything I said there with a pinch of salt, in fact with a bucket of salt!

See how you get on with it, but mass gainers are notorious for fat gain. They are loaded with trash most of them. You could make something up a lot better:

100-150 grams Oats
200g egg whites
Half scoop whey protein ( for the flavour ) chocolate flavour is good.
Tablespoon peanut butter

Something like that… you could increase or decrease the amounts to whatever fits you.

Forget the test natural pills, they are nothing but a marketing scam, basically a bunch of herbs and whatnot. You be aswell eating a lump of dirt from the garden. The diet will be key to any progress. Good luck :wink:

thanks guys … yeah these are a lot cheaper than what I was using .

so gathering that you dont really approve or think dbol mixed with it is worth it?

Thanks Rizla81, yeah never used mass grainers before, only using this time cause my gym partner wants to gain quite a bit of weight and he is already 105kg.

yeah agreed, I normally control my program with my eating, and the program, and by eating a lot of protein and whey into my body

thanks again for the advise,