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Supplement Opinions

Hey all ! The Supplement industry can be quite shady, and I am one to get the best quality and value. What are your opinions on the following?

Titian Nutrition: Whey Protein. (two servings a day)
Anabolic Warfare: Creatine Carnage (creatine Hydro chloride) (5 Grams after workout)
Black Market : Bulk (preworkout) (1 serving before workout)

Thanks all!!

Same here! Realize the value is in the product you’re getting. If you’re looking for the cheapest supplements, don’t expect the quality.

If you want the best quality, I’m going to recommend Biotest. Everything is made by Biotest, in Colorado Springs, and purchased directly from them. Transparency and best quality in ingredients, and still budget friendly for the quality you’re getting.

Whey Protein


Preworkout - If you need some energy and focus pre workout, try these:

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Never heard of them.
Try out Biotest , really is better than 90% of stuff out there. Even starting off with something basic like Metabolic Drive you will quickly appreciate the quality -just have a double scoop with preworkout meals and you will pretty much straightaway notice improve workouts