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supplement opinions wanted

Just wants some ffedback on some supplements I take. I have been taking these in combination and I dont know wich one is giving me gains.

  1. Creatine cell tech
  2. dnamatize methoxy 7
  3. pro lab ZMA
  4. pro lab glutamine
  5. Isopure low carb for right after workout
  6. precison whey for before workout

Another question when is a good time to take good fats. I used to mix a tspn of flax and olive oil in my preworkout shake but a trainer told me not to mix lax in my shakes near and after workout times

  1. Overhyped crap- You’re supporting a company that sues everyone that mentions them and has very “nasty” tactics and aims its stuff at newbies who don’t know any better. Get some plain white micronized creatine. Dirt cheap and effective. 2)Most methoxy products are very underdosed. The only one that contains enough of the good stuff to actually work is Biotest Methoxy-7. The rest are bad copies. 3) Just make sure it’s made by Balco Labs and is “real” ZMA with no calcium. 4) Probably okay, but I’ve never got a thing from glutamine, at least at label dosages. Never tried mega-doses like some coaches suggest. 5) You need carbs right after a workout, silly rabbit! See the “Solving the post-workout puzzle” articles at T-mag. In fact, see the entire FAQ section. 6) See Cy Willson’s “Battle of the proteins” article also at (surpise!) T-mag.

    You have lots of learning to do! At least you came to the right place. But start reading T-mag. Work through the FAQ or you’ll look kinda dumb to some forum users. Good luck.

    BTW, aren’t you a teenager? Think food! See “Foods that make you look good nekid”

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Read through the FAQ and the Essential Berardi article for info on when to eat what foods. Immediatley pre and post workout time is for protein and carbs, not fat. As for which supplement is helping, I can’t answer that. Other considerations are: did you change your training, diet, sleep, stress level, supplementation.

Fats directly before bed=testosterone boosting, anti-catabolic.

1)with Cell-tech you will gain weight, Water gain only. Buy regular creatine.2) I don’t feel any effect on methoxy
3)buy Zinc + magnesium + vitamin B6 to the pharmacy, you will pay less for the same think.
4)Glutamine is very expensive for the result(my opinion)
5)Take cabo+protein after your traning.
6)I doN,t know :wink:
I love Optimum Protein Cheap and Nice !
Have a nice day !

the glutamine is good. fitnessfirst sells it at a reasonable price, i’ve got 2 jars sitting on the floor next to me.