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Supplement/Nutrition question

Greetings! I was recently activated by my Air Guard unit and am now at a military installation in the Middle East.
I have worked out regularly, but have not been able to gain much mass. I recently read an article stating that I should be taking in 2g of protein/lb/day in order to get big. I have started to do that, and seen a little gain … although it ran concurrent with me going back on Creatine.
What I’d like is recommendations for the best protein (including taste), protein bars, and any recommended supplements. I take glutamine daily, and norandro/pregnenolone on bicep days.
I had some ASN whey protein a while ago, and it was the only one that I thought tasted good. I am currently eating Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein bars (taste pretty good to me), and have some whey protein powder that I almost gag on when I muck it down.
I have 90 days here, so my first objective is to get BIG during the first 60 days and will see if I need to lean out in my last month.
Any recommendations on legal supplements would be greatly appreciated.

Personally, I like Designer Protien (chocolate)not too thick when mixed with non-fat milk and it tastes pretty good with water also. Don’t get the Fench Vanilla YUCK!! MD6 to burn fat and maybe some T2. I haven’t tried the T2 yet but I heard it works pretty damned good.

Personally, I love Low Carb Grow (Advanced Protein) from Biotest. Metrx Protein Plus is pretty good also. I also keep some Designer Protein on hand, when I need a fast digesting protein source. EAS myoplex MRPs are pretty good also as well as Cytosport Muscle Milk. As for bars, I avoid them all now as they are significantly inferior products to shakes and real food. Biotest bars may make me change my mind, but they are not available yet. As for other supplements, it depends on several factors and if you provide an idea of your current diet, training program and an extra activities, I could provide further suggestions. Lastly, using a product like Biotest Surge in the post-workout window will aid in mass gain and recovery.

Watch out for Worldwide’s Pure Protein bars; they are notorious for containing nothing that is listed on the labels. The Grow bars Biotest will be introducing soon will be a good choice. Also, in light of your decision to bulk up before leaning out, you might want to take a look at this study cited by John Berardi in an Appetite for Construction column:

Of course, it depends on how lean you are now. Good luck.

Getting big and taking 2g protien per pound of body weight is only relative. If you take in 100 grams a day and all of the sudden take in 200, then you should be getting bigger providing you are eating excess calories. Rest is also very important. Typically I eat MetRx anabolic drive post workout and designer whey b4 bed (less Calories) and solid protien filled meals in between. If you are really trying to get big you gotta force feed yourself.See food.Eat when your not hungry etc,I shit like 5 times a day when I eat to gain weight but that might just be me. If you gain any fat you can lose it the last month. legal supplements I would use would be mag 10. I like taking it for 6 weeks strait and then tribex and M for the following month.It can really change your body composistion. M is cool. It makes you harder and a little leaner. anyway hope this helps.

Thanks for all of the replies; I really appreciate the inputs.
As for protein bars, they are essential for me. On my flying days, I will be in briefings, flying, and then debriefing over a stretch of at least 8 hours. I’m not going to be able to bring prepared meals, so a couple of protein bars during the flight is the only way that I get something to eat. I will get some of the EAS Myplex and Cytosport Muscle Milk bars for my fly days.
I will also order some Designer Protein and Biotest Low Carb Grow protein powders.
As for supplements, I’ll be placing orders for Mag10, Tribex, M, and Surge.
I have plenty of opportunities to hit the gym here (not much to do outside of work), and there are good facilities open 24 hrs/day.
I hit the gym daily for one to 1 1/2 hrs, with a workout broken down into biceps/back/shoulders, chest/triceps, and legs. That way, each body part gets two days’ rest.
I am 41 years old, currently 195lb (gained 10 lb when starting creatine), 6’ 1" tall.
I also do aerobic workouts when I’m REALLY bored, which is about twice a day.
Any additional inputs are greatly appreciated.

I guess that I did not make myself clear. Ctyosport Musclemilk is a meal replacement powder, but I does mix really easily in a shaker cup. As for the Myoplex, if you go with the bars, try the Myoplex Deluxe bars. They taste good and nutrition wise, they are ok. Myoplex is also a good powdered meal replacement shake.