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Supplement Lifts Following 5x5/3/1 for Older Lifters Doing 2x2x2

Those of you in your late 50s on up who are doing or have done 5x5/3/1 on a 2x2x2 schedule what supplement lifts, if any, do you for the main lifts (BBB, BBS, 5x5@SSL,5x5@FSL, 1x20 FSL)?


I haven’t done 5x5/3/1 on a 2x2x2 schedule…
But if I were to give it a whirl, I’d probably stick with the “pulling” category and maybe throw in some abdominal work. But that’s just me, I tend to be more conservative about such things.

58 here. I ran a 2x2x2 for 3 months this summer. Not a big fan, not bad but didn’trecover that well, as time went on. Also I like the accessory movements for a balanced program. I ran 5 progression with FSL. Not the 5x5/3/1 with 2x2x2. My understanding is the 5x531 includes the “5” as including the supplemental lift. So FSL or BBB etc… would not apply. Your supplemental is in the 5x of the top set.
As a older trainer, I have been very happy using 5 progression with FSL 3-5x5x5-8 and hitting 25-100 reps from the 3 categories. I get some variety and balance. I train every other day,sometimes 2 days off. I will also add a cycle of old fashioned 531 with + sets on the 3 and 1 week. I always train the weeks 351.

So 2 cycles 5 progression then 1 cycle of + sets on 3 and 1 , I do cap the reps at 10 no matter what I can do.
I then reset after those 3 cycles.
Good luck and good training.