Supplement Interactions

So because of the buy 2 get one free deal, I added some additional supplements to my regular list. With Heath Ledger’s recent accidental drug interaction overdose and since I’ll soon be taking so many different supplements, I was wondering if there are any adverse interactions with taking them all together.

For Biotest branded products, I take:
Flameout - 8/day
BCAA - 9 or 15 tablets/day (9 non-training/15 training)
Superfood - 1 serving w/grape juice -or- PWO w/Surge
Creatine - 1 serving w/grape juice -or- PWO w/Surge
BETA-7 - 1 tablet 3x/day as recommended
REZ-V - 3/day as recommended
ZMA - 3 capsule 1 hour before bed as recommended
Metabolic Drive Choco Chunk Bars - As desired (less than 1/day)
Metabolic Drive Complete - 1 serving/day w/breakfast
Low-Carb Metabolic Drive - 1 serving before bed

I also take 1 tablespoon of flax oil daily. I take the Flameout and the Flax Oil with my meals, everything else I take as recommended (on an empty stomach, no dairy within certain time periods, etc.)

So, I seriously doubt it, but is there anything you think I should be worried about?

You realize 3/4 of that stuff is just a concentrated extract of stuff found in food…


fish oil

You are fine…