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Supplement info

I am 19 years old and plan on working out solid without supplementation(cept whey protein) untill january. My goal by January is to weight 165-170 and have 12-13% body fat. My question is if I wanted to gain as much lean mass as possible in a month-2 month period of time, which supplements should I think about purchasing? I have read about them but figured you guys have actually tested many of them, curiuos what would work best.

I was also curious how well creatine worked? I hear that the taste is tolerable now and is far more effective. Dont bite my head off, pretty new to supplementation :slight_smile:

try the Mag 10 plan for success stack. I put on tons of muscle with this!

I can say without a doubt that the most bang-for-your-buck is definitely Mag-10. The only caveat is that you have to eat your ass off for it to work. Do a search for “Mag-10” and read the Plan for Success. Follow it to the letter, and the gains will come. I’ve gained 16lbs in two cycles. To help with the nutrition that you’ll need Surge and Grow can really help make it easier. Also, the leaner you are when you start Mag-10 the better. Just be diligent in using the search engine, and all of your questions regarding workout programs and nutrition will be answered.

Uh, what’s your training background? How long have you been training? What’s your diet like now?

Your stats say that you now weigh160lbs. If your goal is to only gain 5-10lbs by January, why not look into Massive Eating by John Berardi? Which is what I would do FIRST before spending any money into supplementation.

IMO, it’s better to work on your nutritional skills first and see what type of gains (and spend money on FOOD) can be made before looking into “supplementation”.

Also read the “Hierarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart. That’s a must read.

He is 19, why are you reccomending Mag-10?

Agree with Patricia. Take care of diet and training first, then look to supplements.

Why don’t you list your training and diet info here and we’ll see if you’re ready to start looking at supps. List exactly how many calories and how many grams of protein you’re getting per day (at least). Then give us your workout plan, in detail.

… and this would be the point where this person never posts again.

… although it would be refreshing if he’d post all this and prove me wrong.


They’re right, without a good diet not even Mag-10 will help you. Post your diet … we’ll try to be nice.

For breakfast I have oatmeal with 1/4 cup or raisins, a glass of water, half a cup of milk with the oatmeal, 1-2 eggs.

Second meal is probably a tuna sandwich, always use a full can, usually some type of fruit.

Third meal I have 1.5 scoop of Whey Protein, plus milk is 35 grams or so I figure.

4th meal is usually 2 chicken breasts, not sure on protein, just ran out and threw away bag. Glass of milk with it. OR some meat/veggies stew. Got some tators in there

5th meal is 1.5 scoop of whey again.

Throughout the day I’ll grab snacks, usually healthy, like bananas/apples. I try and eat 5-6 meals a eay, about 2-4 hours apart, and drink decent amount of water.

I am guessing I get at least 90 grams of protein in, and not sure on the calories.

WORKOUT PLAN- I basically stole a plan out of Ian Kings “Get Buffed” book that I have, but changed it a little.

MON- FLat Bench, Pullups, Closegrip Bench, ab workout

TUE - Deadlifts, shrugs

THUR - Curls, Military Press, Light bench (cant bench crap, so trying to get that up)

FRI - Squats, Calfs

around 3-4 sets of 8-10 on each

holy shit! we have a semi-intelligent 19 year old with a decent plan.

to answer your question most people agree that people that are young i.e. 24-25 or less should avoid androgens. if i were you at 19 id get some creatine and some surge and go to town!

Sorry, I don’t see a calorie summary or a total protein number.

Guessing doesn’t count. If 90g of protein is correct, congrats, you’re eating like a 10 year old girl. You’re not a 10 year old girl, are you?

If you don’t know these numbers you don’t need supplements yet.

Read the T-mag article called “The Missing Ingredient”.

Meals should NOT be “scoops of whey protein” but a MEAL containing FOOD.

“Scoops of whey protein” is JUST a supplement to a diet of food.

If you are not sure of your total calories, I’m here to tell ya that you ain’t ever gonna gain a thing (with or w/out MAG-10), not unless you surely know that you’re eating ENOUGH.

Begin a food log, read Massive Eating. Begin to eat food - lots of it. Take advantage of a 19-year old’s natural hormonal developement. Forget supps until you get this eating thing straightened out.

Patricia is absolutely right. You are young and have a massive hormonal arsenal at your disposal. You can stimulate it further by proper training, diet, and rest. Figure out your program and then do it for 2-3 months. If you are doing things correctly, you will start to see some significant changes once your body finally says “Yes! Its time to adapt!”

Give it a good run, then you can consider supps. Don’t expect to change overnight. Usually after a layoff it takes about 5-6 weeks before I see changes that are obvious; give it time and just “do it”. You’ll get there and when you see the results its going to set a fire under your ass to kick things up a few notches if necessary.

Good luck.


You have gotten some top notch advice from these people. They know what they are talking about and have had success relative to what you seek in their own lives.

In summary,

  1. Consume more quality food
  2. Up the protein intake
  3. Track exactly how much protein you consume.
  4. Stick to a good lifting plan for 6 weeks or so. (There are so many listed in T-mag that is pointless for me to outline one for you here).

You sound very bright for only being 19 years old. I wish you the best in your training!


If you want help keeping calorie and protein counts, go to www.fitday.com its pretty simple to use and it’s done miracles for me.

I greatly appreciate your advice, I will put it to good use.