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Supplement Industry Going Mainstream


The bit with the doctors opinion at the end is pretty annoying.


Yea that last paragraph was a little annoying to read.


Welcome to the UK...

City Uni is about 5-10 minutes away from me. I suddenly feel like visiting it...



The DR. recommends squash for workout recovery. AHAHA!!

The perpetration of the protein cause kidney damage lie is annoying though.


agh, and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of un-educated people will read that last part and believe it too!


do these fucks who say protein hurts kidneys ever run tests with the subject lifting heavy as hell and eating lots of protein? seems like it wouldn't take much for the results to speak for themselves.


why dont we email her and attempt to debate the protein controversy?


I've already thought about it and found some studies to support the "good protein" opinion. Probably going to write the email within the next two hours.


Nono, that's good. Keeps demand for whey protein lower so costs don't skyrocket.


Haven't they already gone up after Coca Cola or someone bought tons of it and created a shortage?