Supplement Ideas

im currently taking,

whey isolate,
whey consintrate
amino acids,
a multi-v (with b complexs)

other than fishoil,
anything out there you guys think i should try

How about trying a spelling class?

First, when it comes to Whey Isolate not all of them are created equally. Cross flow Microfiltered is the purest source using a sifting mechanism to purify the protein, while ion exchange can denature some of the protein. I would try Casein protein before sleep. Sleeping 8hrs can be catabolic but casein protein which is digested between 4-8hrs can help stave off catabolism. Also BCAAs during workout. Thib recommends at least 20grams once again as an anti-catabolic/anabolic agent

“How about trying a spelling class?”

sorry bout that,
english isnt so much my first language

secondly what brand names should i look to for these in, would it say on the lable?

i tend to buy alot at gnc (is this a bad thing?)

GNC is absolutely overpriced even when they have sales. Stuff here or on other online stores are a lot more reasonably priced. On the label it should list under ingredients what the source of protein is. Most start off with “proprietary protein blend including blank blank and blank.” You are looking for either a pure WPI source or at least one that contains WPI as its first ingredient. Supps that have a lot of whey concentrate are 1)cheaper but also have more fat/lactose and less protein per serving

im not to worryed about fat (im a football player not a body builder) but thx’s a million, theres almost no other sources for this typa knowhow

No problem. T-Nation is definately the best site thats out there for both quality articles and an educated readership.

oh, p.s if theirs anything i should get off,
lemmy know that too

[quote]Footballer90 wrote:
“How about trying a spelling class?”

sorry bout that,
english isnt so much my first language[/quote]

Aw man, now I just feel like a twat…

lol no worrys man