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Supplement Ideas??


I have been a longtime reader to T-Nation.com Althogh I have been lifting for almost 8 years now I am currently on a 3 month tear where I havent missed one scheduled workout.

Other than taking 2 Met-Rx RTD 51 shakes per day and a 3 scoop serving of BSN No-Explode before working out I am looking for some other type of supplement which will help enhance my fitness goals. I was lucky enough to have tried MAG-10 once but now that
MAG-10 is unavailable and all the andro products are off the market I am looking for something other than creatine that will help me.

I appreciate any advice that may be had. As I said I have been a T-Nation.com reader for quite a long time and I know that there are hundreds of very educated individuals which I hope can give me some ideas.



Two staples for anyone lifting are ZMA and fish oil/flax oil caps.


I take, every day

3 grams fish oil
2 grams CLA
Scoop of Grow! using various recipies Ive made up
1/2 multi
Greens + (half serving)
2 tablespoons Olive oil

When I got the extra dough, I like stuff like Alpha Male and M


What kind of results did you get from Alpha Male? I was thinking of getting some of that seeing how it seems Biotest doesnt make an ineffective supplement but I was weary.


MAG-10 was a once in a lifetime supplement.The government has deemed us to stupid to know whats good or bad for us.I seen good results with cretine,Methoxy-7,and Alpha Male,and heard good things about Carbolin 19.But none of those are gonna put 20 pounds of muscle on your bones in 2 weeks like MAG-10 did.But get your diet down with the staples,find a good mass program on this site,and those above supplements will help out a lot.


Heading into the spring (soon) it's the time of year when the amazing results of MAG-10 would start to enter the plans. Independent of the arguments and/or complaints about why it was taken off the market, what are people planning to do in lieu of it. It seems that some approximation must be settled for as described above, or, actual steroids may be chosen. Is the latter what they wanted us to do?

Anyway, any creative ideas or methods for tracking down MAG-10 supplies would be appreciated. There must be a lot of people like me who don't want to go steroid, but don't want to settle either.


I've tried just about everythign to get my hands on some more MAG-10 including searching all the supplement stores in my state as well as e-bay and yahoo. There is apparently nothing to be had.

I guess that the government must understand that people are going to turn to more dangerous products like steroids since they make any good supplement illegal.


I've never used MAG-10. I heard it was good.

Look into Superdrol. It has been discontinued, but it is very agressive. Do your research though.