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Supplement Help Wanted!


For the purposes of this forum let's assume I popped out of the womb yesterday. I took my first stroll and found a strange place called a gym. In this new world people subjected themselves to all sorts of torturous devices & activities. Naturally, being a newborn, Monkey see Monkey do. So now my muscles are completely destroyed, the easy part is over.

Now I need the nutrients to recover my lil greenhorn muscles & eventually I can run with the bulls. This leads me to my question and to be honest the whole point of this post. In a descending order(starting with the most vital) what supplements are most important. This may seem like a silly question but I am on a budget. I can go out and buy all the magnesium asparate, glutamine, bcaa's, creatine, vitamins, etc. which doesn't do much good without protein. I'd like to have a complete list & buy the most necessary nutrients I can with my money. Someday I might get a raise & buy everything but I live in the real world for now. I want to gain muscle mass btw.

Anyone up to the challenge?


You waited 5 years to write a post like this?


Are you not getting enough protein from food? If your 200lbs or under at average height, it shouldn't be hard to fulfill your protein needs with whole food if time isn't an issue.

I was referring to this part in your post "which doesn't do much good without protein".


That was incredibly helpfull Xanderbuilt, almost productive even...almost. I've been a customer for 5 years & I read a bunch of the forums. I created an account a long time ago and never posted a forum, doesn't mean I wasn't active. Now back to the purpose...

I wasn't saying you couldn't or wouldn't get enough protein from a proper diet, however its a proven fact that the sooner your body ingests proteins after excercise the less amount of time your body spends in a catabolic state before rebuilding itself. Liquid proteins are broken down faster & I believe to be extremely vital for recovery for any athlete. The arguement was a protein shake might be more effective than zma or creatine alone. I was hoping someone would know the importance of each supplement & list them in the way they prioritize them.


Breast milk is all you need, as you're only a day old.


This, it has a very high fat content with very low protein as your body hasn't yet developed the ability to efficiently metabolize protein, nor does it need it in large amounts yet. Protein supplementation would be pretty irresponsible at this age.

The only thing I might suggest is a test booster so you grow up to be hyuuuge, probably about 7' tall by the time you are 12.


Assuming that all other requirements were being met with whole food and the macros are proper. I beleive you are correct that a PWO shake is step #1. What is needed in PWO nutrition has been established for many years and depends on the type of training. There is no 'list of importance' for supplements. Supplements are an 'As Required' item and are specific to the individual.


Thankyou BlueCollarTr8n, I realize that certain nutritional goals need to be met prior to supplementation. I also agree that everyone has different genetics & as a result, different nutritional needs. I am looking to gain strength & power. While all bodies are different, they still require many of the same nutrients.

I realize that some people might put creatine before a test booster & vice versa. I understand there is no definitive right answer out there. However by looking through what experienced power athletes have used, liked, & prioritized, I will have a much better idea of where to put my money.


Test would actually make his growth plates fuse faster, I believe. He needs a pituitary tumor stat.


Cliff Notes


This was intended as a resource I could use. I have read books & I have read forums as well as google'd everything I could. I apologize if my metaphors were too fancy for your forum. I in no way intended to make readers who are oblivious to the subject get defensive. I also said "help Wanted" not needed as well as asked if someone was "up to the challenge". If you aren't, feel free to skip past this forum. Please (and I am trying to stay polite) don't make character judgements you have based on absolutely nothing.

You don't know me or what I know, don't pretend to. If you can help me answer the question, step up to the plate. Again this is how you would prioritize your supplement use & why. I am hoping to get a few different responses. jskrabac, i just saw your photos & I have come to 1 of two conclusions. A. You are delusional about your physique & believe you make a valid point. or B. You are aware that your a little twirp so you have to bash people over the internet because in real life you'd get torn a new one. either way, it'd suck to be you


I'm wondering after reading this post, how would you not know what to take? You say you've google'd everything and have been an active within the community, and generally most information is strait forward. I'm not going to say I'm a genius but here's my two cents:
1: whey protein pwo
2: multivitamin
3: creatine- according to usaw creatine has its best affects in intermediate lifters who've been lifting for atleast 2 years.
4: bcaa if your cutting or in an extremely intense program.

But these are called supplements, they are to be supplemented into your nutrition not take place of it as im sure you already know. Nutrition and training should be your first priorities.


mfw this question has been literally asked and answered several dozen times from my recollection alone (articles, article comments by other contributors, livespills, Beginners and Supplements forum)

4 years and you learned... nothing. Are you the same demon troll I called out in the other thread?


Thanks for the assessment. I'm still somewhat new to lifting and so far have spent most of that time focusing on pure strength as I have more aspirations of powerlifting rather than bodybuilding. What would you suggest I work on?


For strength or for power? Strength would be measured power/endurance and power would be considered a 1 time lift. For power I will admit I have only done a few different routines & won't be a very good resource. For strength however I have become quite familiar with. Each rep range should depend on the muscles focused. Start at a medium to high weight and do 4 sets to failure each set. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, lats. That will push your body to work through fatigue, push your muscles into hypertrophy, and build muscle very quickly. (quickest way according to my excercise science class) It's also very easy to overwork muscles (swelling, prolonged soreness, or even detatched fibers).multiple excercises while failing should work well for you. Hope I helped. Sorry I snapped, the posts just haven't been going where I've wanted them to go.


I've learned alot I would say. I know how I would prioritize most of my supplements but none of the articles I have seen get down to the nitty gritty. I would love a link if you think you have something helpful & I might join that forum. I realize there are alot of similar forums and I started this one to get multiple peoples opinion. I don't want to waste anyones time, there are a ton of forums and I doubt many people have seen all of them. Not a demon troll...maybe just a demon...or just a troll. But I have only been in 3 forums, non of which I've seen you. Any help would be appreciated


I meant on my physique.


Everything? You wouldn't want a weak link would you? You're solid and young, just work hard for whatever you want & you'll get it


Well, with regards to your first post about my physique, I will assume you mean that I need more size overall.


Im just gonna say what I tell everyone.

Get your diet and training in order, then worry about supplements. Most people that have to ask what to take, shouldn't take anything yet. It also really depends on your goals, so make sure you have those in order too.

And one last thing, if you dont work your ass off, again, you shouldn't be taking anything.

If you got all that in order I would be glad to share the knowledge I have, just be a little more specific than "I want to build muscle mass".

Are you planning on being a competitive bodybuilder? are you just someone looking to get bigger? do you have any strength goals? fat loss goals?