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Supplement Help for my Athlete Daughter

Hi All,

I frequent this site a lot and have learned a ton to help improve my nutrition, training, etc. But now have a different need, help for my daughter. She has been a competitive swimmer for over 10 years. Now 17 and clearly peaking on talent alone and needing that next level. She trains like crazy and I just see her running out of gas through the week and she complains about sleeping well. I have some thoughts about a supplement plan to have her try, but know there are many of you in this community with far more experience, so looking for your input. She’s 17, about 140lbs and 5’8". Her rough training schedule is as follows. Obviously, she has HS in between the morning and evening workouts. And workouts are mostly in the water, but does have some “dry land”, what swimmer types call weight training. That is always part of the afternoon training.

Mon Wake up 7:00 am
Practice 4:15-6:15 pm
Tues Wake up 4:30 am
Practice 5:00-6:30 am
Practice 5:20-8:15 pm
Wed Wake up 7:00 am
Practice 4:15-6:15 pm
Thur Wake up 4:30 am
Practice 5:00-6:30 am
Practice 5:20-8:15 pm
Fri Wake up 7:00 am
Practice 4:15-6:15 pm
Sat Wake up 6:00 am
Practice 6:30-9:30 am

Any thoughts you have are greatly appreciated. Want to help my Baby Girl be her best.

Thanks in Advance!

A good place to start would be more food. She’s growing and active, that’s a huge calorie demand. Can she add things like whole milk or nut butters to her intake?

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Perfect world take Biotest Plasma post swim and intra +post weights. If on a budget get hydrolysed whey or Surge recovery. Krealkalyn creatine good for endurance performance and for some people boost recovery

Give her a high quality steak for dinner a couple times a week. Plenty of greens + vegetables with every dinner

ZMA might help with sleep and being run down

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How many calories especially carbs are being got in per day? I think everyone seen those videos of like Michael Phelps diet

Is there a not in there somewhere where. Poor sleep could be a symptom or cause of recovery/performance issues. I remember seeing something recently about Federer sleeping loads. How much sleep does she get and if what quality?

No supp will make up for not enough food or sleep so if those two aren’t on point yet look there.

With that schedule, supplements are not going to help her much. Alternating between waking at 7AM and 4:30AM is far from ideal, then practicing until 8:15PM a couple nights a week is going to wreak havoc on anyone who is training with a great deal of effort! She may not have much control over the workout timing, but if she does, it looks like she should go to bed and wake at about the same time every day and sleep at least 8 hours a night.

No need for supplements unless it’s just to get more calories. Training is really simple. Eat for fuel and get enough rest for recovery. I’m guessing she’s short on both of those.

If she’s not able to eat enough (which is likely for a high school girl) then add protein shakes as needed. Check the labels of various products and get one with some carbs, too. I’m not sure if she needs a full blown mass gainer, but I’d lean that direction.

Keep it simple!

Is she lifting in every evening session, as in, 5 days a week? If so, that’s unnecessary and paring it down to 2-3 days on a well-designed program will boost overall recovery by reducing the weekly workload.

It’s irresponsible (nevermind that it’d be nothing more than guesswork) to talk about supplements when we don’t know her actual diet. So getting more info about that is step one.

One thing all athletes should handle is workout nutrition - protein and carbs during their sessions to improve performance and recovery. Surge Workout Fuel would cover the swimming practices and the weight training. It’s kinda like Gatorade that’s been improved on every front.

Anything beyond that should take her current nutrition and training plan into consideration.