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Supplement Help for Gaining?

I started working while in the Marine Corps at 6’3" 165, I am now 215. My goal is to be 230, I eat ALOT and I only take Mass Factor (post workout) and creatine, but since I began driving a tractor trailer delivery route I have found it hard to stop and eat. I spend 10hrs a day wheeling heavy products in and out of stores so I am getting more cardio than I would like to get. I have stopped getting good mass gains due to this? If I was to take a meal replacement with me to work would I be wasting it? If not what should I look for in a meal replacement? I assume I need to get more calories, carbs and protein. Could I take Grow! as a meal repl. and mass factor (post workout)? Any help would be great. Thanks.

Yes, Grow! would be a great idea for you to bring to work.

Also, any calorie dense food that you can stick in your pocket or bring with you and scarf down in a minute would be good, too.

Walnuts, almonds, and cashews are great for this.

Thanks, wasn’t sure if it would be good in combo with the mass factor.

I would get some Grow! and a cooler to keep with you to hold some pre-blended shakes to just drink as needed. Throw in some olive oil and some berries and you got lots of good calories to maintain your weight.