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Supplement Help for Dropping Fat

I was hoping someone could suggest some supplements for me that would help me attain my specific desired results. I’ll start off by giving you some background information on me. i’m 5’9 175lbs. when i began my serious run at losing weight and looking better i was weighing 205lbs. i cut out soda and a few other things, started working out 3 times a week and got down to 175. now i fluctuate between 175 and 170. my goal is 160lbs. but i do martial arts so i would like to keep as much of my strength as possible on the way down. i don’t have any medical issues. i work out 5 days a week doing mostly cardio boxingish workouts. i started my decent by limiting myself to a 2,200 calorie intake. if you need more information feel free to ask. any help is appreciated.

Strength training 4X per week minimum and you could add a session or two of high intensity interval training (HIIT) for cardio unless your boxing workouts are fairly intense.

U posted this in supplements and nutrition, but supplements aren’t really going to get you in ultra good shape if you don’t cover your strength training bases. Anyway, as for supplements, I’d start with the basics like a good fish oil, a good multi, and go from there. HOT-ROX would be good for a fat burner.

Why not stay your weight but lose the fat? So basically you’ll lose fat and gain muscle but stay the same weight.

thanks bullet. and rephore… i didnt even think about that. i guess because my target weight is the weight class i want to fight in.

FWIW you can easily cut 10-15 pounds of water weight without any ill effects if you learn to do it right. Good luck