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Supplement for Sleep?


Sup guys, i have a sleep problems. I don’t know what to do and how to deal with it… i’ve tried lunesta and it doesn’t work.

Has anyone found and used any supplements that works great? May be it’s a stupid question, but insomnia killing me…Thanks for your help in advance.


It’s not a stupid question, it’s a serious problem. I have battled insomnia for many years and it sucks. I found out about a year ago that I have severe sleep apnea (I had stubbornly convinced myself that it was only limited to obese people because I did not want to wear a CPAP) after I underwent a sleep study. I was falling asleep at work and I twice fell into microsleeps while driving. With a newborn, the latter scared me enough to see a doctor. The CPAP has helped quite a bit, but you need to find the source of your insomnia. Mine was sleep apnea and a mind that has a difficult time relaxing.


Tell us a bit about your lifestyle. Have you had this problem a long time? Diet? Stress? What do you do before bed? When do you go to bed?


Corti Balance bu Believe supplements ie bu var the best product I have used so far, and the only sleep aid that let’s ne fall asleep quickly AND stay asleep all night. Highly recommend




I use “Mummified” by Killer Labz, shit works great, also pop a Aleeve PM w/ it (only a few times a week if wired) combo works out well, helps with all the body pains as well. Not good for long haul, but I alternate things. (Unisom w/ Mummified, Phenibut w/ Aleeve PM, etc.)


I take a high CBD cannabis base edible, and calms forte , works great :ok_hand:


I feel you pain. I’ve dealt with sleep apnea for 3 years(diagnosed) I use a Cpap with mixed results. My Dr’s baffled that I have it since I am very lean. But I snore like a hog and I never seem to get that deep sleep you must have. I medicate with melatonin/benedryl at night and take caffeine pills at least twice during the day so I can make the drive home without falling asleep. I never work out or have caffeine after 6pm. On days when I’m off I try to sleep without an alarm clock but usually wake up after about 8 hours with a horrible headache.
I’m about to change to another Dr to see if he can help.


Three things that helped me:

  1. When I sleep on my side, I make sure to have my head elevated slightly above parallel with respect to the bed. This opens up the sinuses.

  2. Allergy medication can help open sinuses (I use Zyrtec since it has a mild sedative effect; this allows me to take it at night when the blood concentration will be highest).

  3. I avoid caffeine like the bubonic plague. Ask your doctor about modafinil. It is one of the best molecules ever synthesized. Fighter pilots and surgeons use it to stay sharp. Sleep deprivation becomes almost a non-issue, as far as daily functioning is concerned.


I take Lunesta occasionally and find the efficacy depends on what I’ve eaten and when I’ve eaten it. If I take it on a full stomach or after eating a fatty snack (peanut butter for example), Lunesta does nothing. If I take it on an empty stomach, I feel jittery. It works the best for me when I take it about an hour after eating a carb and protein-based snack. So, maybe a bowl of cheerios and protein shake at 9pm and Lunesta as I’m going to bed at 10pm.

If you’re the anxious type, try blocking off 30 minutes in the evening to sit in a chair and do nothing. If you’re like me, you need the mental space to process the day. If you don’t dedicate time for this, you’re going to wind up laying awake in bed ruminating.

Last thing for you to consider. If you’re the type to go all out in the gym, your CNS may still be jacked up come bedtime. Does sleep come easier on rest days? If so, could be an indication this is happening. There are have been a few posts on CT’s forum on this topic, one of which was mine.

How’s your posture? I think some common postural issues (head forward posture, for example) can affect breathing and therefore lead to a higher incidence of sleep apnea. I have no real data to back this up, just anecdotal experience.


I have already tried different positions on sleeping on my side does help some although it’s tough with cpap.

I take Zyrtec every morning but I’ll try taking it at night instead.
I’ll ask my Dr about the modafinil.
Thanks for your help!


I’ve considered lunesta but didn’t want to get hooked on it but considering what I’m going through I may have to give it a try.
My posture is good although I do have a slight forward lean from the trap area from years of heavy squatting that I try to correct as I walk.
I do still go all out at the gym everyday (4 days a week) and do better on off days because I usually take a mid day nap after working out.
Thanks for your reply!


When you say that you had mixed results with the CPAP, was that due to inconsistent use or did it simply not work? If it is uncomfortable, you might need a different mask. I know that it takes getting used to, but it is worth it. Sleep apnea wreaks havoc on the body. Mike Jenkins (RIP) suffered from it and it is suspected of [at least] contributing to his untimely death.


It took me a while to use to it but I’ve have used it consistently for at least 6 hours per night for over a year. I’ve had the air pressure adjusted several times because at times I’ve felt like I was suffocating. Seems as though we have that issue corrected but I’m seem not getting that deep sleep. I only seem to get that when I crash after getting home in the evenings.


check testosterone


I’m on trt. Prescription of 100mg per week although I’ve been blasting lately 250 per week. It hasn’t got worse or better with the blasting. I’m about to cut back to my trt does in a couple of weeks. I do my own

labs at midpoint of my blast and my total test was over 2100.


Lots of good suggestions here, last couple ones really pack a punch so start light…


I have experienced sleep problems my entire adult life. I had a prescription to Ambien for most of those years, and only stopped taking it when my hormones got out of whack and I was forced to eliminate anything that could have been a factor.

I also took a urine test and discovered that my body was low on Melatonin in the morning and late evening. I started with 3mg, then 5mg, then 10mg time release.

I sleep every night now, but I never make it through the night without waking up 2 times. I get 7+ hours each night now, but I wish it was solid from the point when I put my head down.

@tabasco, do you play on your phone in the hour before you go to sleep? Read about “blue light”.

At what time of day do you stop drinking (or eating) anything with caffeine? Before 4pm?? Do you binge on caffeine (like double or triple shot drinks, or do you consume energy drinks)?

What are you doing the last two hours before putting your head on the pillow? If I deal with a late night business email or business problem in my final two hours before sleep, I’m screwed for a bad night of sleep.


Light interferes with natural melatonin release, stay away from electronic screens for 2 hours before bed and if you wake up to go to the bathroom don’t check your phone.

I’d look at all the big picture stuff first: routine in sleep and wake times, no light before bed, noise control, low temperature. If all that’s taken care of then I’d consider seeing your doctor. Think of it like supplements vs diet and training when it comes to building muscle