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Supplement for Post-Workout


I need a good post-workout drink but I can't afford Surge. I'm 16 and I can pretty much have only 2 out of these things: a car, insurance for car, and gas. So I am on kind of a tight budget. I'm taking protein and creatine right now and was wondering what would be a good post-workout drink b/c usually all I take is my creatine. Also if anyone knows a good place to buy supplememtns in bulk please include it in your post.



What you are doing rite now is fine. Protein Protein Protein


Just take protein after working out. At 16 this is the only thing thats important. PROTEIN!


Chocolate milk!


As important , or even moreso, is carbs. This is the ideal time of the day to ingest first some simple carbs right after--and second some good complex carbs an hour or so later.

Yes, each should have protein, first whey type protein for quick digestion, and second, some more slower digesting(real) protein, but don't lose this opportunity to get your carbs.

Even way more important than creatine!

And don't worry about supps if money is tight. Just eat smart. Right after lifting eat a turkey on white. BEFORE you lift eat something like roast beef on wheat. Eat this 1.5-2 hours before lifting. Enjoy a glass of white milk with the before meal and a glass of chocolate after.

Cottage cheese before bed.


I would ditch the creatine. Stick to eating as much food as you can and make sure to eat some protein before bed. I'll echo what Chris King said, chocolate milk is a pretty good(and cheap) post-workout drink. And at less than $3 a gallon, even a high school student can afford it.


The one upside to being 16 is that my parents handle food costs. The supplements are my problem though and they don't even really like me taking them. I take very little creatine, less than 5g a day and I cycle it but I don't load. As far as protein I kill it. As far as the food every 1-2 hours my one teacher is a dick about it so I just eat an apple before class. I'm fat so the whole eat thing isn't a problem for me.


Then take advantage of them. Have them buy walnuts, almonds, jerky, milk, cottage cheese, whole wheat breads...
Save your money for more gas and having fun. There really is little(no) need for you to supp creatine, and except for convenience even protein is not necessary. Eat as many whole foods as possible, supp when necessary(protein only--really) get plenty of rest and water.
You're on your way to a healthy lifestyle. It won't change overnight bull, stay the course and reap the benefits down the road.
I was there. You can't get wrapped up in immediate results. You won't turn 16 years around overnight, but it won't take near as long as you think either. And if you rally go disciplined, you can make some rather dramatic improvements in a relatively short amount of time.
Headup--shoulders back
Good luck


Chocolate Milk!!!


You need fast proteins and carbs post-workout. Drink a half gallon of chocolate milk.


Buy some glucose powder (very cheap) to add with your post workout protein.


Before there was Surge I used to make my own post workout drink with equal parts dextrose and maltodextrin. The formula was 25gms protein preferably whey, 25gms dextrose and 25gms maltodextrin. I got this formula a couple of years ago from a bodybuilder friend of mine. Its inexpensive to make until you can afford Surge. You obviously can get whey anywhere but the dextrose and maltodextrin can be hard to find.
Good luck