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Supplement for Endurance?

Hi! I currently lift weights and I take protein powder, creatine, MSM and ZMA. I am going to start boxing too though (I dread to think what my food bill is going to be like…) but I was wondering what supplement is best for improved endurance? I googled it but you get a load of rubbish but L-Arginine seems to come up a lot. Or should I just stay as I am?

Thanks in advance!

dessicated liver tabs with pre workout meal.
Beta Alanine pre workout and/or very watered down workout drink like Surge workout fuel.
Arginine can help some people but can also give you a muscle pump which is not great for boxing.

boring, but just drink 1 litre+ of water 20 mins before makes a huge difference

Arginine and citrulline do work, especially for the metcon type work of boxing and MMA. Makes a big difference for me when doing BJJ. Beta Alanine is also supposed to help but I find it makes me itch too much.



Arginine sounds like what I have been reading too. Thanks!

Not need to piss whilst boxing? I have done it before. What are dessicated liver tabs

how can arginine increase endurance ? i remember when i was playing hockey and i was taking arginine i had zero endurance because my legs was pump like hell and i wasnt able to push harder

Apparently increases vascularity

yes alot !!

I’ve read some good things about beetroot juice specifically for endurance.

Beetroot juice
An even newer supplement to the market, beetroot juice has received a ton of hype over the last couple of years after several studies demonstrated its remarkable ability to increase endurance in tasks of varying intensity and duration.

It’s assumed that beetroot juice exerts this effect because of its high concentration of nitrates, which are related to nitric oxide (NO) and its effects on increasing blood vessel dilation and blood flow to working muscles. Some research has shown that the juice may improve time to exhaustion in high intensity activities by up to as much as 15%.

The best time to use beetroot juice is 30-60 minutes before training, with an effective dose of 300-500mL of the juice itself. It’s also thought that it may take several days of drinking the juice to really see the benefits, so it’s important to drink it even on non-training days for at least the first week or two.

8weeksout dot com/2015/10/01/conditioning-supplements-that-really-work/

So what was the consensus for a supplement for boxing then?

i would say no supplement just increase your endurance with time ?

Citrulline and beta alanine would be the most recommended supps for that purpose. The citrulline will help to create more nitric oxide in the bloodstream and the beta alanine will help to produce more carnosine which really helps with muscular endurance. I would also say try to take some naringin with these two as it would expand the half life up those ingredients. Not to mention it would help with absorption.