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Supplement for Adrenals?


Anyone recommend a supplement for adrenals. Mine are shot according to Max Tomlinson in the book taget your fat spots. I have a big stomach.


that cuz ur fat


Check out Ortho-Molecular's Adren-All.


with out blood work there is no way to be sure.

you probably, im guessing, have a beer belly from poor eating habits/lack of exercise. correct me if im wrong


Mullet... The fish, not your haircut... Eat lots of fatty fish, and lay off the stims for a while. L-tyro upon waking, and 5-HTP before bed. The good news is, once u lose your stomach, you can stop taking Extenze.


1) pantothenic acid (vit B5) supports adrenals

2) eggs also support adrenals; cage-free, veg fed

3) no substitute for healthy sleep: go dim 1-2 hrs before bed, in bed no later than midnight, sleep in darkness and quiet, don't get up til after dawn

4) re: stress; consider vagus breathing http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=VivalaVagus

5) re: fat belly; see T-Nation -> Nutrition -> Wheat Belly