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Supplement Fail


saw this on failblog and had to share:



lol, wow, why did that take me 10 secs to get


im sorry...why?



b/c it says cream-ass?



I always wanted a cream ass


even if you pronounce it the way its suppose to sound, it still sounds like cream ass...just with a southern accent




protein powder targeted for teh gheys?


I'm guessing they put creatine in it and that's where they tried to get the name from....hopefully


This could be a product bigger than Dicken's Cider. After an ass-busting bout of cardio, I love getting a nice CreaMass. And does my girlfriend like it? Why, she loves when I give her some CreaMass just before she goes to sleep, and she wakes up eight hours later ready to get another helping of CreaMass! Sometimes, I wolf down my CreamAss too quickly, and it ends up caked all over my face! Thick, rich CreaMass, in chocolate and banana berries flavors.


How does that make it to the shelf without someone saying "Hey, that looks like it says cream ass?"


It's a French supplement. the French don't like to speak a lot of English.
Btw, I didn't notice it at first either, also the way we Europeans would pronounce it is Cree-a-mass, so it's not that apparent.


proof reading is for losers.






well this is what they get for being too snoody to bother with English. now we can make fun of em and call em 'faaaaaags'


Lol, it took me a few seconds to get it as well. I guess most people on T-Nation who are used to seeing creatine and mass will see it as Cree-a-Mass first before Cream Ass




Once one of the bigger guys I work out with gave me my first CreaMass, I was part of the club and my gains skyrocketed. I'm thinking of giving CreaMass to one of the smaller guys in my gym! We all have powerful bodies like ancient Greek warriors thanks to our CreaMass protocol!
And I'm spent.