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Supplement Effects! (Spike)

I am amazed at the effects of Spike as I didn’t think there was supplements out there that could have such an effect not only on training but just daily mood and mental state.

At first I thought it wouldn’t be effective and a placebo effect but after the first 30 minutes I started to focus better.

Today began with Spiking up and working out 2 hours at school in which I had enough energy to double the sets on my dead lift and superset three exercises with minimal sweating.

I didn’t have as much self doubt when I was pushing to the point where the weight feels heavy but you still have a lot of reps in you? (I think everybody knows this feeling?) where I would usually give up sooner.

As I moved to Japanese class I was less nervous about making mistakes and would try to make jokes about certain dialogue,words I didn’t know I knew flowed out much easier and I generally felt a kind of euphoria. (I don’t drink coffee so maybe the effects were magnified?)

In History class I could actually concentrate on the lecture and made several bizarre comments and made jokes about other students. Everyone thought I was drunk and the teacher asked where I’d suddenly gotten this confidence from.

At lunchtime a fight broke out between two guys in the hallway with about 60 people gathered around with one guys kicking the shit out of the other guys head.

I just walked in calmly between them and went and told the guy how stupid he was. Some guys were like wtf why did you break it up? and I didn’t even think twice about it.
Wearing a Pride FC shirt and being 6’4 helped my cause though.

But throughout all this it was mostly a feeling of untapped energy, when I was thinking to myself or not interacting with people I couldn’t really gauge a difference. When I hit the weights it was a similar feeling, I didn’t know I had the energy and focus until I actually started lifting.

ZMA and creatine working as expected, a little bit more pump, a rep or two here and a better sleep. Whey protein working just as protein should.