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Supplement During Workout


I have four question for you.

1)Do you think that workouts longer than 50-60 minute are bad because of the production of hydrocortisone?
if yes
2)What do you think about supplements during workout in general and/or with the aims to contrast the hydrocortisone?

3)Do you think it's a good idea or it isn't necessary becouse of the short time for digestion?

4)If you use something, could you tell me what?

Styven Tamburo






/end thread


I am really keen to find out what and when you eat (an average days food intake)?

Have you posted this somewhere else?

Thanks MODOK!


Thanks for reply, but it's not really my point. However, actually cortison and hydrocortisone are the same thing and workout it's a significant stress (hard workouts I mean), after 40-50 min the adrenal glands start to secrete hydrocortisone (o corisone) and from that moment your workout becomes counterproductive. I agree with you ,in your answer 2 and 3, but I'd like know if somebody has some different advise.


you sound like you've been reading men's health a lot...


Why don't you answer? instead to add stupid comment


This is a Biotest website, you will be recommended the Anaconda protocol, MAF will continue to poke fun at you, I will continue to find it funny and hardly anyone will take note of the excellent advise MODOK posted earlier.

For what it's worth my peri workout consist of a 2L bottle filled with whey iso, waxy maize starch, water, creatine, glutamine and BCAAs.
I start drinking it 10-20 mins before and stop 10 mins after. I get 120g of protein and a whole bunch of carbs and other stuff.

When I have the money I'll be using the Biotest stacks but for now I use this.


because it is obvious (from this thread and another) that you have read an article and taken it to heart w/ no exceptions. you are not willing to learn and accept that maybe, JUST MAYBE, something you believe could be incorrect

MODOK is probably on of the top 3 smartest guys on this board (IMO anyway) and has a PhD in pharmacology i believe.

but that doesnt matter to you. you just completely disregarded his comments.


1) I didn't disregarded anybody
2) I haven't read an article and taken it to heart w/ no exceptions, maybe you are good to do that.
3)I'm a doctor too
4)I don't know what you want to me? if you aren't interest on my question, just shut up.
thank you


ok you are right


MODOK answered your points. You don't fully understand why you're asking the questions and that's why you're dismissing the answers

I have a tube of hydrocortisone cream in my bathroom cabinet.


I'm training longer than 60 minutes (75-90) just about every single time I'm in the gym and making good progress. So I wouldn't say my workouts are bad.


Do you take any supplement during your workouts?


To give a brief (which in my case always means a LONG and drawn out) answer to the original question: Yes, it's a great idea to try taking mid-workout supplements to avoid nutrient depletion IF your workouts are longer than 45 min. My workouts avg 1hr 15min. Sometimes 1.5hr.

And I always drink an intra-workout shake with water, 25g whey, BCAA, and gatorade powder (keeps insulin coming so cortisol doesn't, but you could replace this with dextrose or other sugar). This, combined with a pre-workout stim (1MR, black powder, jack3d, or whatev) keeps my workouts strong for the entire duration.

I usually leave feeling like I could do one more set (keeping one in the chamber). Try it out. You'll FEEL the difference. Then you don't need anyone else to tell you whether or not there's a benefit.

MAF and MODOK, you both make great points! And yes, the OP (styven.tamburo) may be a little stubborn in his opinion. But with the vague research-based "evidence" out there, it's easy to understand why he doesn't know what to believe and has to carefully filter responses. I believe the consensus has been to drink a mid-wo shake. If he's wise, he'll try it.

Otherwise he can keep doing what he's been doing, and call his thread-responders (who have been generous enough to donate their time) "stupid" and to "shut up", and continue missing out on a lot of potential muscle growth. In that case, more looks for us at the gym, and fewer for him.



Damn, guess I've been shooting myself in the foot then. I've had some seriously long workouts the last few years.



Unless you're working out for two hours a day 7 days a week I wouldn't worry about it. Stay fed. Have a target amount of macros and hit them every day. Sleep as best you can.

Imo unless you're hitting more than one body part a day I don't see why you can't workout in 30-60 minutes


I follow 5/3/1 and this is what I do and have been recommended to do:

  • Pre-workout: 1 cup of Oats / 2tbsp natural PB / 1 serving of Whey / 5grams of Creatine
  • During: I use a non-Biotest stimulant with Beta-Alanine / 10grams serving of BCAA's / 5grams of Creatine
  • Post-workout: 1/2 serving of Surge PreWorkout (yes Pre)/ 20grams of BCAA's / 1 cup of Brown Rice / 1 serving of Whey

I've only been doing this for two weeks now but it's been working great and I'm actually on a weight cut.


Of what?

Your post history is full of lulz btw.



In the past, I've sipped 2 scoops of Surge Recovery -10 and during my workouts, always helped me stay pumped and focused.