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Supplement Doses for the Featherweight


I am about 135lb, 5 foot 10. Some of the supplements I take are ZMA, Superfood, L-Leucine, protein, vitamin D (right now about 4000iu a day), vitamin C (1000-2000mg) multivitamins, and fish oil.

My question is, I am clearly a featherweight and even with the T-Nation supplements, I would like to know how much someone of my size should take. For example, the recommended servings on the T-Nation products, for what weight is that? Or am I mistaken, and weight does not matter?


Did you post this about a week ago, with me answering it, or was that some weird premonition? (Search is failing me at the moment)

Anywho, if you didn't get the first one, or if I am tripping balls right now. If the supplement acts on muscle tissue (Protein, Leucine) then it should correlate with your body weight (As you have less lean tissue)

If the supplement is for general health, and acts on organ systems of the brain (Vitamin D, most actions of fish oil, superfood) then the standard dose is fine, as everyone has roughly the same sized organs.


How old are you @ 135 lbs and 5' 10" ?


Why the fuck is someone who only weighs 130lbs at that height worried about supplements in the first place? You don't even know how to eat FOOD yet.


Wait...are you a woman?


OP... Supps that you are taking can't hurt per say, but it seems your complicating things. If your eating properly, you will be getting some of those nutrients on your list(superfood). Save a little in that department and buy more "real" food. Lots and lots. Sounds boring but it's true.


Even then it sounds light. I'd vote for the #1 supplement to be food. (nothing wrong with the other stuff listed)


maybe hes just trying to 'tone' his muscles and not get too bulky guys :slight_smile:


I know exactly what you asked. I also know you are severely UNDER weight for your height yet are more focused on supplements than the fact that if you were truly eating so well, you wouldn't weigh less than most people's girlfriends.


Prof. X is actually one of the smartest, most helpful guys out there. You posted stats which would indicate that, even in a non-training sense, you are underweight. I know smaller women who weigh as much or more than you.

You didn't give a reason for being/staying at the weight, so people assumed you were trying to gain. Are you a fighter or something, and need to stay at that weight for competition? If you're trying to get bigger, you really shouldn't worry too much about dosing supplements because there are very few supps from Biotest which are dangerous in higher doses. If you're trying to get bigger then, like Prof X said, you need to just start eatting everything not nailed down.


Try 'roids. A decent stack would be:


Try injecting about 200g raw weight every 3 hours, 7 times a day.

Supplements you could add to that are:
Salad. Three large bowls per day (a bowl would be about the size of a basketball if it were cut in half)
9 teaspoons of a variety of olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, nut oils.
Carbs will depend on your metabolism. Go for 150g of low GI carbs over your first three "injections" with the salad used in the last 4 "injections". You can experiment with carbs to see how you react. My body likes minimal carbs, higher fat diet. Others differ. I suggest you just go for the carbs and see how you feel. In fact, for the first month of the above 'roid cycle I suggest going for 200g of carbs per day (that is, for example, 4 servings of sweet potato of 250g raw weight each, or 4 servings of 80g dry weight of basmati rice)

Go on. I dare you. Just do that for ONE MONTH and see the results.


Are you trying to kill the boy? A MUCH safer supplement would be porkroid!

Seriously though... Buy cheap meat at the grocery store, google how to cook it tastily, and serve it with some rice and veggies. You don't need to "control" your diet, you need to gain about 30lbs, and if you hit the gym HARD while eating big, you will get where you want to be.

Make a list of foods that are clean, based on articles, posts, etc. You can eat AS MUCH OF ANY OF IT AS YOU WANT. If you're 130, your natural stomach size will prevent you from eating too much. If you're further worried, add olive oil to everything your eating and eat all the olive oil if there's any left. On the Anabolic Diet, I was losing weight taking a tablespoon or more of olive oil with every meal because it made me feel so full. It is, however, packed with healthy fats and calories for you to gain on.


I figured I'd get responses like the above. People love flexing their internet muscles and internet reputation online so I will not waste my time falling into that trap by boasting my ego and stating my feats and my history at incredibly lean 135lbs which took me hours, months, and years of scrupulous training to achieve.

I asked a specific question, and other than silverhydra, received no specific answer (if I misunderstood your post I apologize). I got eating advice which I do not need because I have full confidence in my diet.

Nevertheless, (not that anyone will care nor do I care) this will be my last post on T-Nation. Responses are too unorganized and disrespectful for me to make intellectual gains in my training and diet. I'll just sum it up in one word: disappointment.


so your sayin you wanna stay that weight?

ok thats fine by me. your on a bodybuilding site, so you really are pretty fuckin small. but thats fine. really it is.

now whats your question? serving sizes? well, if you look at Surge recovery (if you take it) it says belows 200lbs=2 level scoops.

now generally, i treat things like vit D as candy, and pop em, never takin body size into account (10,000ius is a max dose i think). fish oil is pretty much as much as you can afford, though i have no recommendations on vit c. i dont really like it, but people do so whatever. ZMA, 2 or 3 will do. silverhydra was right about the protein, but thats if you wanna maintain you weight. if you wanna gain weight, well you can always ask the board for advice

ps. take the anal beads out your ass. develop a sense of humour, or a thicker skin. i mean, if you expected to be taken seriously, lol why so seriouzz bud


Yay, I feel special now :slight_smile:

It's just tough love, if you come back to T-Nation to read this, understand that most people will 'help you through hurting you', few people became great through inspirational quotes, many became great through being put in their place and learning from it.

And sometimes, against everything we believe, when people unanimously agree on something counter to your views, more often than not they are right and your view needs adjusting.


I might feel kind of bad if this guy gave me a compliment.

For what its worth the average nutritional label assumes a 2000 calorie diet for dv% if they don't list a specific number of calories.

If they give you a specific number not a percentage that that is just info for you to use however you want.

135lbs walking around is severely underweight, if your interested in any kind of fitness you will have to buckle down and eat more, if you think you eat enough common sense tells you you don't. Unless you have a severe metabolic problem which case common sense would say seed medical advice. Oh or your extremely young.


I can understand you thinking we're disrespectful, but unorganized? Not a chance. You worked for YEARS to be 135 and lean?

I say again... Unless you want to SPECIFY THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A NEED TO STAY AT THAT WEIGHT OR GAIN WEIGHT AT AN INCREDIBLY SLOW PACE, then no you do NOT in fact have your diet and training dialed in. There's no "intellectual" gains in diet when you're underweight. When you're overweight or need to maintain, there's intellect involved. I know that I need to eat complex carbs when I take them in, and I know that I need to take in asstons of protein and try to get my fat from healthy oils and meats. I'm losing weight, it works.

So far, YOU'VE been just as "disrespectful" as any of us has, calling us retarded because we give you the simple solution to your problem of being underweight. Once again, your PROBLEM of being underweight, because you have given us no reason to think otherwise. You worked years to get to a lean 135 for no reason? You wasted years of your fuckin' life because you're tall enough that you don't have much extra space once you take your bones and organs into account.


i think recommended doses are based on a 170lb man but it may be 200lbs - i divide the recommended dose by 170lbs (or 200lbs) & multiple by your bodyweight, or BW +10% if youre trying to gain - ill try chase up what BW recommended doses are based on.

And no offence to Prof X, hes one the most respected members on here - for all i know you may have bulked up to 135lbs, maybe youre recovering from some fuck off surgery. i dont know, all i can do is try answer your Q


BTW, id like to see supp companys base their doses off BW, but of course they'd sell less supps - we all give shit about cookie cutter routines, why should supps be the same?


In agreement with everyone posting here- I would expect a 5'10" female to weigh in around 140-150lbs on a good day.